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"Enter mankind’s greatest conflict with Battlefield V as the series goes back to its roots in a never-before-seen portrayal of World War 2."

— Battlefield

Battlefield V (also known as Battlefield 5, BFV or BF5) is the upcoming sixteenth instalment in the Battlefield Series developed by DICE and published by EA. The game brings the series back to its origins, being set during World War II. It is set to be released October 11th, 2018 for EA Access and Origin Access members and October 16th, 2018 for owners of the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition. It will be released worldwide on October 19th, 2018.


Battlefield V returns to the major conflict of World War II, with a heightened focus on the lesser known battles of the war. The game is designed to be the most immersive experience in the series, with storylines ranging across major battles of the war. Game mechanics have been completed redesigned such as player movements, health regeneration, etc. Additionally players will have a more interactive role in gameplay by having to physically open doors, enter vehicles, or picking up health or ammo.

Women will be featured more prominently in the game, being protagonists of certain singleplayer missions and being available for use in all multiplayer classes. Customization has also been vastly improved, allowing players to customize all clothing, weapons, and vehicles in singleplayer and multiplayer with the introduction of The Company.


"We know someone is still out there...
Just tell me who it is."
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield V.

Similar to Battlefield 1, Battlefield V's main campaign will be made up of a collection of different War Stories. These stories will document the conflicts of both male and female soldiers during World War II. Players will experience freezing landscapes as a Norwegian resistance fighter, as well as a soldier in the midst of the desert heat of North Africa. Currently, these are the only two War Story locations to be revealed.

Additionally, French Colonial troops will be playable.


Set in 1943 during the German occupation, it tells the story of a young woman who must make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save her family.

Co-Op CampaignEdit

Battlefield V features Combined Arms, a co-op campaign similar to Co-Op from Battlefield 3. The mode will allow a squad of four players to complete missions taking place across different theaters of World War II. Some of these will include playing as a team of paratroopers or stealth focused segments.[1]


Ranks and AwardsEdit

Ribbons are awards unlocked by completing specific actions such as reviving teammates or constructing Fortifications.


Battlefield V has drastically changed the class system compared to previous installments. While the basic system returns, Class Archetypes have been introduced which allow players customize the skills of each class to better specialize it for a certain situation. As progression is earned through a class, more Archetypes are unlocked.

Functioning similar to its role in Battlefield 1. Its role will be specifically focused on anti-infantry and anti-vehicle combat.
Function similar to past installments. While all players are now capable of reviving downed squad members, only a medic can perform a revive to full health.
Retains a similar role to recent installments, having the ability to resupply teammates with ammunition and suppress enemies with explosive gadgets. Additionally their role has been expanded to allow for construction of offensive Fortifications and faster construction times compared to other classes.
Equipped for special operations, reconnaissance, and mid to long range combat against enemy players.

Maps and GamemodesEdit

The game features the return of several gamemodes much past installments such as Conquest and Team Deathmatch. The new gamemode Airborne has been introduced as well as the expanded Operations variant known as Grand Operations. This new mode splits matches over the course of four fictional days, providing players with four unique and distinct gamemodes, each with their own custom rules and map layouts. The outcome of each day affects the team's status in the day. If on the final day both teams remain at a stalemate, each player on both teams will spawn with only one life and limited ammunition.

Weapons and GadgetsEdit

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Vehicles are similarly effected by the attritional gameplay adjustments which aim to limit the staying power of tanks and aircraft as well as encouraging team play. Vehicles now have a limited, non-replenishing supply of ammunition for both main guns and machine guns, in addition to vehicle specialisation abilities and countermeasures which now have a limited number of uses. Vehicles are now required to be restocked at Supply Depots once they run out of ammunition. Specialist vehicles such as the Churchill Crocodile and Sturmtiger can be called in by Squad Leaders through use of the Squad Reinforcement system.

Improved over Battlefield 1, vehicles now have both entry and exit animations.


The game will feature two factions, the British Army and Wehrmacht, at launch. More factions will be added in the Tides of War service through other theaters of the war. Additionally customization items will be locked to their respective faction.[2]

Notable FeaturesEdit

Increased destruction compared to previous installments. Ammunition can now penetrate structures depending on the caliber, leaving physical holes in walls. Structures will also react depending on how they were destroyed, such as caving inward if destroyed from the outside. Structures will also slowly crumble when damaged due to their structural integrity being compromised. Destroyed structures can also be rebuilt and repaired through the use of fortifications.
Allows all classes to construct their own fortifications like barbed wire, trenches, fox holes, or structural repairs. Emplacements may also be constructed and can now be towed with vehicles via cables to relocate them depending on the situation.
Health Regeneration
Redesigned to promote teamplay, players will now only regenerate health to certain sections of their health bar depending on damage sustained. Players must interact with healing items in order to fully replenish health.
The Company
A feature that vastly expands customization compared to past installments. It allows players to customize the appearance of their soldier, weapons, and vehicles across both singleplayer and multiplayer in hundreds of different variations.[1]
Dynamic weather
A feature that creates random weather effects during and in between rounds that can greatly affect gameplay. New weather effects include driving snow that interacts with objects. Rounds may also be played at different times of day, especially during Grand Operations.
Squad Reinforcements
Various assets given as rewards for good squadplay, provided to the squad leader on demand. The system features less-common, situational vehicles, and tactical support.
Similar to past installments, the game features weapon assignments which require players to complete specific criteria for completion.

Downloadable ContentEdit

Tides of War - Battlefield V

Tides of War

Unlike previous titles, Battlefield V will not offer a Premium pass or charge players for additional content. Additionally the Tides of War system has been introduced which will see the release of periodic events that will tell an overarching narrative. This will be done through the release of new maps and gamemodes, with one of the first events depicting the Battle of Narvik.[1]


The game was confirmed by EA CEO Andrew Wilson on July 28, 2017. Multiple EA employees tweeted about the game on February 1, 2018, confirming only that it would be using the Frostbite engine.[3] The game was officially announced on May 23rd.[4]It was announced that at EA Play 2018, held between June 9th and 11th, the game will be playable for those that attend the event.[5]

On May 16th the official Battlefield website was updated to include Battlefield V as the next game, with additional info such as a new timeframe different from Battlefield 1's World War I setting, the return of War Stories narrative from Battlefield 1 and the possible return of Operations.[6]

An Open Beta is planned to be held sometime in September 2018.[7]

While DICE had been interested in returning to the World War II setting for some time, the team was hesitant to retread ground already covered in Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 1943, as well as numerous other World War II era games that saturated the market for a time. After successfully developing Battlefield 1, its development mantra of "untold, unseen, unplayed" was applied to setting of World War II, enabling the team to create something fresh by focusing on lesser known locations and engagements during the war. In multiplayer, some of these locations included early engagements along the Escaut during the German offensive into France and the Battles of Narvik in Norway in 1940. For singleplayer, the team opted for Battlefield 1's War Stories narrative again as opposed to an overarching story, again wanting to provide unique perspectives and experiences of the war to present to the player.[8]

The Company was created with intention of providing the player a personal "journey" during multiplayer, giving players a more specialized experience through customizing all aspects of their soldiers and vehicles. DICE wanted all soldiers, weapons, and vehicles to have a "story" to them and wanted players to express these stories through personal customization. Similar to Battlefield 1, Battlefield V presents a combination of both well-known and lesser known weapons and equipment that were present during the war, such as the inclusion of V1 Rockets and tank chassis with multiple variants.[8]


Battlefield V Standard Edition Cover

Standard EditionEdit

  • Battlefield V
  • Early Access to Open Beta
  • One sets of Paratrooper gear
  • Immediate access to 5 Battlefield 1 weapons
  • Standard Edition Special Assignments

Battlefield V Deluxe Edition Cover

Deluxe EditionEdit

  • Battlefield V
  • Early Access to Open Beta
  • Three days early access on October 16, 2018
  • Six sets of Paratrooper gear
  • Immediate access to 5 Battlefield 1 weapons
  • Deluxe Edition Special Assignments
  • 20 Weekly items with the Airlift System, contained cosmetic customization items only and will be the same for all recipients.[9]


  • The “V” in Battlefield V was confirmed by the Official Battlefield Twitter to represent 'V for Victory'. This phrase was popularized by Winston Churchill as a rallying emblem during WWII.[10]


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