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Not to be confused with the Knife

The bayonet in real life (M1 variant).

A Bayonet is a knife, dagger, sword, or spike-shaped point blank ranged weapon designed to fit on, over or underneath the muzzle of a rifle barrel or similar weapon, effectively turning the gun into a spear. It is a close quarter combat or last-resort weapon.

Battlefield 1942Edit

The Bayonet is featured in the Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome expansion as a melee weapon mounted on the Engineer kit's un-scoped No 4 and K98 rifles, replacing the combat knife. Switching to the bayonet still allows the player to fire their weapon, but it disables the ability to aim and replaces it with a fast melee attack. Unlike the combat knife, the bayonet is always a one-hit kill.

Battlefield 1943Edit

In Battlefield 1943, the bayonet is the melee weapon issued to the USMC (M1 variant) and the IJN (Type 5 variant) Rifleman kits and the USMC Scout kit.

For the Rifleman kits, it is mounted on the end of the rifle which gives it a bit of extra range compared to other melee weapons. For the USMC Scout kit, it is handled like a short sword, like the Type 94 Shin Gunto. Being a melee weapon, a hit will result in a guaranteed 1 hit kill.

Battlefield 4Edit

Main article: Melee Weapon#Battlefield 4

The Bayonet is one of many handheld knives in Battlefield 4. It is not used as a weapon attachment.

Battlefield 1Edit

The Bayonet is a weapon accessory featured in Battlefield 1. It is capable of being mounted onto many primary weapons (save for light machine guns), allowing the user to perform a bayonet charge.


BFBC2 Bayonette

The M1 Garand with the Bayonet, as seen in the official website for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

  • According to the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 official website, a bayonet is shown to be obtainable for use with the M1 Garand. This was, however, proven to be a mistake by the website.

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