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Becker Type M2

Becker Type M2

The Becker Type M2 20mm Cannon was an automatic cannon produced by Becker Steelworks of Germany. It was used during World War I by a variety of aircraft such as the Gotha G.IV. It was succeeded by the Oerlikon 20mm cannon, used to this day.

Battlefield 1Edit

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The 20mm Autocannon is a vehicle-mounted weapon that appears in three versions - all types use explosive ammunition fed from a top-mounted magazine, although ammunition is effectively unlimited.

The first type is a ground attack cannon used by aircraft, fitted on the Airship L30, Caproni Ca.5 and Gotha G.IV as a passenger weapon, which is affected by overheating. The second type is for ground vehicles, featuring as the driver's primary weapon as part of the Squad Support Package of the Mark V Landship, and on the bow of the M.A.S. Torpedo Boat, with 15-round magazines but unlimited reserves. A third static-emplaced Becker M2, denoted in the killfeed as the HE Auto-Cannon, can found in the wreckage of a gondola of the Airship on Giant's Shadow. The emplacement uses overheating to limit use.