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Behemoths are a class of super vehicles formally introduced in Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1942Edit

Although not carrying the "Behemoth" moniker, large vehicles such as battleships were available on certain maps. Other vessels either contained fewer players despite their size, or served as deployments.

Battlefield 2142Edit

Main article: Titan (Vehicle)

Although not classed as a Behemoth. The Titans served as a mobile base in their namesake gamemode. It was to serve as both an objective and as the main deployment base for both sides. It was heavily armed, armored and shielded.

Battlefield 4 Edit

A Titan was featured in Hangar 21 but only as scenery although it served as a hazard through test-firing its engines.

Battlefield 1Edit

The Behemoth is featured as a special vehicle to help the losing side close the gap. They usually are heavily armed, armored and incredibly hard to destroy, not given to their high health count but the amounts of gunner positions for players to take command, in addition to providing a mobile spawn point.

Unlike similarly acting entities of previous Battlefield games (such as the AC-130 Gunship), these leviathans are completely controllable by players abeit with some limitations such as the Airship L30 whose height is controlled automatically.


Behemoth skins from the Battlefield 1 Digital Deluxe promotion. From top to bottom: Airship L30, Dreadnought, Armored Train.

Gameplay Edit

Conquest Edit

Behemoths appear when one team is at least 100 points behind the other. All players are notified when one is inbound and is ready.

Operations Edit

The Attackers will have a Behemoth to aid their cause whenever they lose to the Defenders.

Strategies Edit

Once a Behemoth has been deployed, the opposing team can then attack the beast before the driver can enact some serious damage on their side.

There is usually some form of countermeasure, and even vehicle loadouts designed to combat each type. It takes serious coordination and team work to effectively wipe it out.

The team, that the Behemoth is working for, can use it either as a way to cause some serious damage or exploit it as a distraction to capture vital locations to help turn the tide of battle or help cause havoc by stopping the enemy team from attacking it in the first place.

Locations Edit

The type of Behemoth deployed is specific to each map:


Battlefield 1Edit

  • In the alpha build, the behemoth appeared midway into a Conquest match, was automatically destroyed two minutes before the end of the round, and did not respawn for the remainder of the round.
  • In the open beta, the behemoth remains to the end of the round.

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