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Behemoths are a class of super vehicles formally introduced in Battlefield 1.

Battlefield 1942Edit

Although not carrying the "Behemoth" moniker, large vehicles such as battleships were available on certain maps. Other vessels either contained fewer players despite their size, or served as deployments.

Battlefield 2142Edit

Main article: Titan (Vehicle)

The massive Titan carrier serves as a deployment during Titan (Game Mode) matches, controlled by each team's commander. Each Titan offers several weapon stations, a range of air vehicles, and layers of defenses to protect the Titan's engine core from sabotage. The Titan can only be directly harmed by Block III Anti-Titan missiles.

Battlefield 1Edit

A Behemoth is a special vehicle meant to give an advantage to a losing team to help them close the ticket gap between them and their enemies, potentially turning a game in their favor. Behemoths consist of very large vehicles that are heavily armed, have high health, and can accommodate a number of players to act as gunners, in addition to providing a mobile spawn point. Unlike similarly acting entities of previous Battlefield games (such as the AC-130 Gunship), the vehicle is entirely operated by players and can move freely with some limitations—the Airship L30, for example, cannot change altitude.


Behemoth skins from the Battlefield 1 Digital Deluxe promotion. From top to bottom: Airship L30, Dreadnought, Armored Train.

Behemoths may appear during Conquest or Operations matches. A Behemoth will spawn in Conquest if one team falls far enough behind, the point difference varying with time. (The Behemoth may not spawn at all if the match stays close.) On Operations, the attacking team receives a Behemoth each time a battalion is lost. If deployed, the Behemoth will remain in action until destroyed, the end of a Conquest match, or the end of an Operations map.

The vehicle can be damaged by enemy fire which can destroy individual modules, reducing its capabilities. For instance, the weapon-containing gondalas attached to airships can be shot off, temporarily reducing the number of gunner positions. When destroyed, the wreck of the Behemoth can destroy nearby buildings and obstruct passage through the map.

The type of Behemoth deployed is specific to each map:


Battlefield 1Edit

  • In the alpha build, the behemoth appeared midway into a Conquest match, was automatically destroyed two minutes before the end of the round, and did not respawn for the remainder of the round.
  • In the open beta, the behemoth remains to the end of the round.

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