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Bodeo 1889 2 IRL

The Bodeo 1889 in reality. This is the Type II version manufactured in larger quantities for the Italian army rank-and-file.

The Bodeo M1889 was an double-action revolver and the main service handgun of the Royal Italian Army from 1891 to 1910. In Italian service, the weapon was chambered in 10.35x22mm, and held six shots in the chamber. It was produced in two distinct variants - a model with an octagonal barrel and a folding trigger, for issue to enlisted men, and another manufactured in smaller numbers for the officers and NCOs, featuring a round barrel and a solid trigger guard.

Although the weapon was supplanted by more modern, semi-automatic handguns such as the Beretta M1915 during World War I, the Bodeo was not declared obsolete until the end of World War II. Additionally, the Bodeo was produced for the Spanish Army during The Great War, and utilized in the subsequent conflict by the Wehrmacht.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

This item has a Codex entry: Bodeo 1889 Revolver
"A reliable double-action, 6-round black powder revolver and the service revolver of the Italian Army. Around 200,000 were produced up until the end of WW1."

— In-game description

The Bodeo 1889 is a gate-loading revolver featured in Battlefield 1 and is one of the three side arms issued to the Scout class alongside the Mars Automatic and Frommer Stop, filling as the Revolver class of the pistols.

The Bodeo 1889 has the highest Time To Kill (or TTK, providing all shots hit) of the scouts weapon (excluding the Obrez Pistol which has the best TTK up to ten Meters of any pistol) up to 30 meters (after that the C93 is the best pistol overall beyond that range) and a two shot kill up to 15 meters. When compared to the other revolver available, the No. 3 Revolver, the Bodeo 1889 is virtually superior (farther damage dropoff of 15 meters compared to 10 meters in terms of retaining the two bullet kill, having a faster velocity, Rate of fire and higher low min damage) in every way except upward recoil (4 vs 5), switch time (being a mere .08 seconds faster) and having a significant quicker reload time (2.3 seconds compared to the 2.767s for the first round and 1.1s for every other round).

As with all revolvers, they cannot one shot kill to the head (doing 90 damage up close, but can be killed via a Takedown regardless of the type of melee) unless already wounded and have a slower velocity compared to most other sidearms (meaning long range shots may require leading if the enemy is moving) and slower rate of fire that could cost the user if one misses.

As with the Assault's Gasser M1870, Support's Bull Dog Revolver and all class Nagant Revolver (excluding the empty reload), reloading the Bodeo is done through individual ejection and reload for each round, making reload very long if the player has fired multiple rounds and interrupting mid reload takes a second for the animation to go back into the players right hand and fire.

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  • When reloading, the player character pulls the trigger after loading each round to rotate the cylinder to the next position. While seemingly unsafe, it is how the Bodeo is intended to be used, as the hammer is disconnected from the trigger while the loading gate is open, allowing for its faster reload technique.