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"We want you to do what you do best. Be unorthodox. Be lethal. Can you do that for me?"
General Braidwood

Bravo One Charlie, later designated Bravo Two, is the call sign for a four-man squad led by Sergeant Samuel Redford during the First and Second Russo-American Wars.

Originally a unit within the 222nd Army Battalion's Bravo Company advised by Mike-One-Juliet and Archangel, the squad was later transferred to the command of General Braidwood of the CIA's Special Activities Division during the events of the second war. The squad was originally comprised of Redford, Terrence Sweetwater, George Gordon Haggard Jr., and Bobby Sanford, but was later joined by Preston Marlowe after Sanford was killed in action.


Bravo One Charlie was a four-man fireteam in the 222nd Army Battalion's Bravo Company during the First Russo-American conflict. Nicknamed "Bad Company", B-Company was where the United States Army had all its insubordinates, hell-raisers and troublemakers that wouldn't fit in any other unit raked together. Actively used as expendable assets placed at the front lines, B-Company had the highest mortality rate in the entire United States Army, and transfer to the company was usually used as an alternative punishment for soldiers.

Bravo One was known for being an incredibly unorthodox, insubordinate, but surprisingly effective squad during the Russian conflicts. The squad was responsible for defeating the Legionnaire Mercenaries, apprehending Rico Escopar, destroying a Russian Scalar Weapon, and killing Arkady Kirilenko. Meanwhile, Bravo One purposely invaded the officially neutral country of Serdaristan, went AWOL pursuing the Legionnaire's gold while in Serdaristan, later stole said gold from the US Army after it was secured, and would again go AWOL to track down Colonel Kirilenko without official backing.

Despite their perchance for disobeying orders and going off mission, the unit's talent in combat and easy deniability resulted in them receiving several high-risk missions during the Russian wars, and as of the second conflict their activities resulted in the "Bad Company" nickname coming to refer not only to the 222nd, but Bravo-Two directly as well. After transfer to Special Activities, the squad was also embedded into several other units while on mission, including Task Force Kodiak and a unit of Marines while in Argentina.

Known MembersEdit

Bravo One Charlie has consisted of four soldiers since its conception; any soldier lost was quickly replaced by the new fodder constantly joining Bravo Company. The only known member of the unit to have been killed while part of the squad is Bobby Sanford, but Sweetwater and Haggard imply that several other "New Guys" had been killed in action during conversations in Battlefield: Bad Company. The squad has had no direct causalities since the addition of Marlowe, although supporting personnel such as Flynn have been KIA.




This section is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information.

Pre-Bad CompanyEdit

"The guys I've got in my squad now, Haggard, Sweetwater? Hell, I wouldn't trust them with my car keys. Sometimes I think they're more likely to kill each other than getting killed by the enemy."
— Redford[1]

Bravo One Charlie was formed after Sergeant Samuel Redford agreed to transfer to B-Company, despite their mortality rate, in exchange for a shorter tour and faster retirement. Two Privates are put into Redford's new squad: George Gordon Haggard Jr., an explosives obsessed demolition expert, and Terrance Sweetwater, an overly-cautious IT specialist demoted to automatic rifleman. The squad also has a fourth position that was constantly being replaced, as every soldier placed into it would end up dying, either on the battlefield or in freak accidents. Bobby Sanford was the most recent soldier in this role before the events of Bad Company, and was described by Redford as being a model soldier, albeit one that tended to not fully think his actions through.[2]

The unit was active in central Europe for a few weeks, during which the squad went on what was intended to be a stealth mission at an enemy factory. Haggard, however, ended up going off mission by rigging the entire factory with C4 and detonating it before the squad had cleared out, almost getting Sweetwater crushed by a collapsing smokestack. [3] Following this, the entirety of B-Company was informed that they would taking up positions on the eastern front in the coming weeks as the rest of Army began to pull its more valuable forces out of eastern Europe.[4]

Just before the squad was to be given their new orders and moved to the front, Bobby Sanford was killed in action after being run over by a tank he was urinating in front of. This was particularly distressing to Haggard, who had been intending to "inherit" Sanford's '58 Impala Convertible, but Sanford had not told his wife about their agreement before he died.[5] Meanwhile, Preston Marlowe, a Private stationed in Lodz, Poland, accidentally landed a UH-60 Black Hawk (which he was unauthorized to fly in the first place) on the local General's Limo. Instead of incarcerating him, Marlowe is instead transferred to B-Company as punishment.[6] With a replacement already on its way in the form of Marlowe, Bravo One Charlie is sent to the front with the rest of B-Company.

Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit

Meeting MarloweEdit


Bravo-One-Charlie meets their new member, Marlowe

"A new guy kinda smell, like a brand new toy!"
— Haggard
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The squad meets Marlowe shortly after they arrive in the eastern front. Upon meeting them, Marlowe is somewhat taken aback by the squad's unprofessional demeanor (Redford instructs Marlowe to stop calling him sir, while Haggard's first comment to Marlowe is that he "smells very clean") but does his best to be undeterred with his new assignment.

The squad is then assigned to scout ahead of a supplies convoy and ride in a M939 Truck to their destination. Three days from his retirement, Redford tells Marlowe to get to know Haggard and Sweetwater since he'll be gone soon, and the squad begins introductions. However, en-route to the squad's objective and before Haggard and Sweetwater even learn Marlowe's name, the convoy is hit by Russian artillery and their truck is destroyed. Marlowe is briefly knocked unconscious from the attack, prompting Haggard to assume he's already dead, but he quickly gets back up after prompting from Redford. While reorienting himself after the attack, Sweetwater notices Marlowe has lost the new guy smell Haggard noticed earlier, and officially welcomes him to "Bad Company".

Mike-One-Juliet, the squad's dispatcher, then sends the team to clear a nearby Russian artillery position. After they succeed in this, Juliet requests that one of the guns be used to attack a unit of Russians attacking Juneau Convoy, the replacement for the squad's original convoy. Ordinarily a job Haggard would take, he instead suggests that the "new guy" do it, as Haggard does not want to get yelled at if he misses and hits the convoy on accident. Marlowe complies and successfully clears out the enemy forces attacking the convoy, much to the surprise of the rest of the squad.

Bravo One is then ordered to clear the path ahead for Juneau Convoy, as the initial route was destroyed in the first artillery strike. The squad secures a river crossing and a nearby farm, engaging and destroying two Russian BMD-3s along the way. At this point the squad was to be extracted from the area by Super Six Five, but the chopper is instead destroyed on approach by a nearby enemy anti-air battery. Unable to extract them just yet, Mike-One-Juliet instructs the squad to destroy the battery.

After destroying the anti-air guns and engaging more Russians in a nearby farm, the squad joins up with Juneau Convoy as they head to their objective. However, the convoy is once again attacked by artillery, and Bravo One splits off of the convoy to destroy nearby radar jammers so an airstrike can destroy the enemy guns. Following the airstrike, Mike-One-Juliet instructs the squad to clear out any remaining enemy forces at the site. The squad succeeds in doing so, and Sweetwater discovers that the soldiers at the site were in fact Legionnaire Mercenaries and not Russians. After Sweetwater discusses how the mercenaries are supposedly paid in gold bars, Haggard decides to search one of the fallen mercenaries "for a pulse in [its] pockets" and indeed manages to find a gold bar. Haggard and Sweetwater briefly fight over the gold before Redford takes it from the two, deciding the gold belonged to the army, much to the disappointment of Haggard and Sweetwater. The squad is then finally extracted from the area.


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A short time after, the squad decides that since the gold bar was "so small" and that Uncle Sam was "so busy with the war and all," they would just "hold on to [the gold] for him" and split it four ways amongst themselves. Haggard is somewhat disappointed with this arrangement, as he had been planning to build his dream vehicle, a monster truck named The Truckasaurus Rex, with the gold but now won't have enough to do so with his share. Sweetwater teases him about this, telling that while we he can't buy a whole truck, he could always "buy the hubcaps and start from there!"

Two days later, the team is sent into the Russian port town of Zabograd, an important supplies hub 20 kilometers behind enemy lines. Bravo-One-Charlie is tasked with disrupting Russian supply lines in preparation for an attack on the town by the 32nd Armored Division. Ordinarily a job that would be sourced to a Special Forces unit, the Army has decided that such a unit would be too expensive to waste on this assignment, and opts for Bravo-One instead. One day from completing his agreed service in Bad Company and being able to retire early, Redford is determined to see that the mission goes well.

Upon landing near Zabograd, the squad is surprised to find an abandoned supply dump belong to the Legionnaire Mercenaries, and discover a crate containing yet another golden bar. From this point on, the squad decides to keep their eye out for more crates, once again intending to "watch over" the gold for the Army. Returning to the mission, Mike-One-Juliet directs the squad to destroy a trio of Russian SAM launchers and a fuel dump to prepare the way for the inbound 32nd Armored. The squad succeeds in this, but then encounters a Russian advance team defending a bridge to Zabograd. With Mike-One-Juliet unable to provide air support, Marlowe ends up commandeering a Russian mortar guidance system and manages to direct the mortars to attack the Russians on the bridge, finally clearing the way into the town.

Juliet has the squad regroup just outside Zabograd as the armored attack begins. Haggard wants to enter the town first to look for more gold, but Redford states that that is not why they were here. Mike-One-Juliet then informs the squad that Object Offside is active, meaning the tanks have run into more resistance than expected and will be needing assistance. Bravo-One-Charlie moves into the town and clears out several 9M133 Kornet launchers and a BMD-3 to soften up their defenses, and then links up with the 32nd Armored as they arrive at the beachhead. With their main objectives done, Redford requests that they be extracted from the area only to informed that the Army is now committing all resources in the area to take the town, including Bravo-One. In exchange, Mike-One-Juliet promises to try and get all of Bravo-One-Charlie, not just Redford, out of Bad Company if the mission is successful.

The team helps escort the 32nd Armored into the town, destroying more BMDs and Russian infantry along the way. The squad then attempts to disable the communications at the Russian command post in the town before they can call for reinforcements, but are unable to reach it in time. As more Russian arrive, Bravo-One is then tasked with defending one of the 32nd's tanks that had been downed in the town square until the Army's Engineers could get it out. The squad successfully repels the counterattack, and Mike-One-Juliet directs the team to make a final push on the harbor.

As the squad arrives at the harbor, they discover that the Russians are in full retreat, with multiple boats and helicopters fleeing the harbor. Sweetwater is relieved that the battle is over and that he may be transferred out of Bad Company now, but Haggard spots more Legionnaire Mercenaries near some trucks at the harbor. He suggests that they should go "ask them some questions, maybe search them", wanting to go after more gold. Redford decides that since their objective is to secure the harbor, they should go engage the mercenaries, also wanting to find more gold. Sweetwater is outraged, not want to risk being stuck in Bad Company, but Redford insists it "will only take a minute."

The team defeats several of the mercenaries at the harbor, and Haggard attempts to search their bodies for more gold but comes up empty. The group almost decides to head back to the rest of the US forces when Marlowe notices that the mercenaries trucks are leaving in a hurry. Suddenly, a gold bar drops off of one of the trucks as it speeds away, and the squad comes up with an idea to try and tail the trucks and capture the gold.

Going After the GoldEdit

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Escape and CaptureEdit

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

(NOTE: Text in italics indicates details from an early draft of Bad Company 2's script, and may not be entirely canon in the Bad Company timeline.)

The squad manages to escape from the war with the gold for a time, spending it on beachside homes and, in Haggard's case, oversized golden jewelry. The group is eventually tracked down by Army Military Police, however, and are detained. Offered the same deal as before, join B-Company or be sent to prison, the squad is sent back to the 222nd as hostilities with the Russians are renewed.[7]

They were sent on a mission to recover possible intel on the Scalar Weapon. After completing the mission, the squad was greeted by General Braidwood, commander of the Special Activities Division. He recruits the squad into the Division gives them the new call sign of Bravo-Two Charlie. He confirmed that the compound of the super weapon the squad had recovered was a "fake",that the Russians were building. He sends the squad to Bolivia to find Agent Aguire, while giving them a USB drive with information about the weapon.

The squad is later tasked with finding Arkady Kirilenko after downing a French weather satellite and finding Aguire's intel on what is to be revealed as the Scalar Weapon and the project's leader Kirilenko.

Once Bravo-Two finds Kirilenko in southern Chile, Sweetwater discovers he had a shipping manifest for the Sangre Del Toro, a freighter that went down in 1949 off of the coast of Peru, but somehow wound up in the middle of the Atacama Desert like many other ships. The squad heads to the desert in search of the compound needed for the Scalar Weapon and finds the ship and the compound after triangulating it position as well as documents detailing Operation Aurora.

After giving the compound to Aguire, he then betrays the squad, giving it to Kirilenko who then kills him as he is no longer needed. After Flynn is blown up in his helicopter by an RPG, Bravo-Two move through Medellín, Colombia in search of Kirilenko and the Scalar Weapon. They find that it is located on an An-225 after it was test-fired.

They board the plane before it takes off and destroy the weapon with explosives before it could be activated. They also succeeded in killing Kirilenko while free falling after they were forced to abandon the aircraft. After landing in Texas, the squad is soon met by Braidwood who inform them of Russia's ploy to invade America through Alaska.


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