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The flag of the British Army.

The British Army is the land warfare branch of Her Majesty's Armed Forces in the United Kingdom. It was first formed in 1707, unifying the English and Scottish armies into the army of Great Britain. For many years, the British Army was a symbol of the power of the British Empire during the colonial era, and as such comprised many foreign soldiers, originating from these colonies. Entering the modern era, the British Army fought as one of the primary Allied armies in both World Wars.

The British Army was involved in many key campaigns in World War II, including North Africa, South East Asia and the invasions of Italy and France in 1943 and 1944 respectively.

Battlefield 1942Edit


A British M7 Priest at Tobruk


A British Engineer in combat at Tobruk


A British soldier in combat at Gazala


A British assault soldier takes cover during landings on Sicily

In Battlefield 1942, the British Army fights the Afrika Korps in historical battles of the North African front. It is one of the two British factions in the game, the other being the Royal Air Force. British soldiers wear desert uniforms and Brodie helmets. It uses identical infantry equipment as the United States Army.


  • Afrika Korps

Kits and WeaponsEdit





  • Thompson (Battlefield 1942 only)
  • Sten (The Road to Rome only)


Battlefield 1942: The Road to RomeEdit

In Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome, the British Army fights the Royal Italian Army (RIA) in historical battles of the Italian theater. They use the same beige uniforms as in the North African front. The medic kit's Thompson is replaced by the Sten in the expansion. All other features remain the same.


  • RIA

Battlefield 2Edit

Although the British Army doesn't appear in the vanilla Battlefield 2, the L85 assault rifle and the L96A1 sniper rifle are unlockable weapons.

Battlefield 2: Special ForcesEdit

Main article: Special Air Service#Battlefield 2

The Special Air Service, a unit of the British Army, is featured as a faction in Battlefield 2: Special Forces.

Battlefield 2: Euro ForceEdit

In Battlefield 2: Euro Force the British Army are likely amongst the various armed forces fielded by the European Union. The following equipment is British in origin.

Battlefield 1Edit

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BF1 United Kingdom Icon

The Faction's emblem as it appears in Battlefield 1.

The military of the British Empire is featured in Battlefield 1.


British and Commonwealth personnel feature prominently in the campaign of Battlefield 1, appearing in the chapters Storm of Steel, Through Mud and Blood, Friends In High Places, Nothing Is Written and The Runner.

In the prologue chapter Storm of Steel, British tanks and aircraft support the US counterattack in the first mission, and succeed in breaking the German spearhead before running into intense resistance from enemy field guns. The player briefly takes control of the left-side gunner of a Mark V tank before it is destroyed by shellfire.

In Through Mud and Blood, the player assumes the role of Danny Edwards, a fresh volunteer assigned as a driver in the the Royal Tank Corps, who participates in the British offensive near Cambrai in fall 1918.

The protagonist of the chapter Friends In High Places is Clyde Blackburn, a Canadian national serving in the Royal Flying Corps as the pilot of a Bristol F2.B.

In Nothing Is Written, T. E. Lawrence, a British officer, oversees a group of Arab militia rebelling against the Ottomans in the Middle-East.

In The Runner, ANZAC and British forces are featured assaulting the Ottoman-held coastline at Gallipoli.

Singleplayer British soldiers use randomly generated character models and weapons. Most of them wear Brodie helmets (sometimes with caps, scarfs or goggles). Some British soldiers wear soft caps bearing the badge of the British Tank Corps, similar to those worn by Cavalry. In The Runner ANZAC units can be seen, they wear traditional slouch hats, with the left side folded up. British soldiers use several weapons, such as SMLE MKIII (standard weapon), Lewis Gun (used by Support units), Model 10-A (in The Runner), M1903 Springfield Experimental (rarely seen in hands of ANZAC troopers) and M1907 SL (very rare). British soldiers also use Club as a melee weapon (used heavily in Over the Top and Cape Helles, when clearing the trenches).


The British Empire is featured as one of six factions in the base game of Battlefield 1, as part of the Allies along with Italy and the United States. They are outfitted with the woolen khaki service dress and beige cotton webbing of the era, in addition to the distinctive Brodie Helmet worn by the Assault, Scout and Support classes, and turbans worn by the Medic, who is apparently recruited from India. The Support also wears the Wilmer model eye defense, a metal visor that protects the eyes from shrapnel.

The British Army appear on both the Western Front, fighting mainly in France, where they are opposed by the German Empire, and in the Middle-Eastern theatre, where they face the Ottoman Empire for control of Mesopotamia and the Sinai Peninsula--the location of modern-day Egypt, Syria and Iraq.



VS Team Map
BF1 German Empire Icon German Empire
BF1 Ottoman Empire Icon Ottoman Empire


  • In vanilla Battlefield 1, the United Kingdom appear on more maps in multiplayer than any other faction.
  • The shoulder insignia of the British soldiers in Battlefield 1 appears to read "RAILWAY B 17".
  • The Medic class appears to be a Sikh soldier. Historically, Sikh troops were never deployed in mixed units along with white soldiers in the British Army. Their uniforms also differed to those worn by regular British troops.

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