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Bulldog IRL

A British Bull Dog Revolver in reality

The British Bull Dog was a popular type of solid-frame pocket revolver introduced by Philip Webley & Son of Birmingham, England in 1872 and subsequently copied by gunmakers in Continental Europe and the United States.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

This item has a Codex entry: British Bulldog
"It has been argued that the British Bull Dog Revolver was the actual Gun That Won The West. It was a popular and widely copied style of short barrelled revolver."

— In-game description

The Bull Dog Revolver is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1.[2] It is only available for the Support kit.

The Bull Dog fills the role of high-damage, low rate-of-fire pistol for the Support kit. It is a gate-loading revolver, of which only the Medic class has no analogue (instead using the top-break Auto Revolver). Compared to the Assault's Gasser M1870, the Bull Dog has a somewhat higher rate of fire, but an extremely long reload of more than 9 seconds.