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IRL Mauser C96

The C96 in reality

The Mauser C96 (Construktion 96) is a self-loading handgun. It was one of the earliest self-loading handguns developed, and the earliest truly successful one, being adopted by many national militaries and remaining in service for over a half a century. The original weapon was chambered in 7.63x25mm Mauser, and fed from a 10-round integral magazine set slightly ahead of the pistol grip. It made use of a short-recoil system of operation.

Many variants and rechamberings of the weapon were developed, including 9x19mm and .45ACP versions, cavalry variants with much longer barrels, variants that fed from 20-round detachable magazines, and even a fully-automatic variant.

Battlefield HeroesEdit

Main article: Handgun (Battlefield Heroes)

The National Army handgun featured in Battlefield Heroes is modeled after the C96.

Battlefield 1Edit

Singleplayer Edit

The C96 and its Carbine variant appear in singleplayer as the main weapons for the Germans. The Carbine variant is also used by the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

Two variants of the C96, a pistol and carbine variant, are featured in Battlefield 1.


"The C96 pistol was the first semi-automatic pistol ever to be truly commercially successful. It saw widespread use during WW1."
— In-game description
The handgun variant, known as the C96, is seen used in trailers and promotional material. An aesthetically altered pistol named the C96 Export is also present in game.


C96 CarbineEdit

"The Carbine version of the famous C96 pistol, featuring an extended barrel and a shoulder stock."
— In-game description
The C96 Carbine is issued to both the Tanker and Pilot classes as their primary weapon.


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