Wallpaper battlefield bad company 0

Concept art of a CAV Buggy for Battlefield: Bad Company

The Cavalry Assault Vehicle (CAV) is a light military vehicle. It has a heavy pintle mount with a .51-caliber KORD or .50-caliber XM312 mounted on the front passenger side and an XM307 mounted facing the rear arc.

Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit


In Battlefield: Bad Company's singleplayer, the CAV appears on certain missions such as Crossing Over, Crash and Grab and Ghost Town. When the player uses it on Crossing Over and Ghost Town, the player's squad will man the mounted weapons, and there will be someone hanging on the back as a passenger.


In multiplayer, the CAV appears on the Gold Rush modes of Oasis, Final Ignition, Deconstruction and Harvest Day. It also appears on the Conquest modes for Harvest Day and Par for the Course.

Gold RushEdit


Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Vehicle health 500
Passenger weapon XM307
Passenger weapon damage *30 (impact);
  • 40 (blast, damage drops gradually after 2.5 meter radius up to 5 meters (doe not affect heavy vehicles));
  • 30 (base damage against vehicles (impact damage))
  • 60 (special: against other IFVs (impact damage))
Passenger weapon reload time 3 seconds
Passenger weapon rate of fire 200 rpm
Passenger weapon firemode Automatic
Passenger weapon ammunition per reload 6 grenades
Second passenger weapon XM312 (3 passenger only)
Second passenger weapon damage 25-16.7
Second passenger weapon rate of fire 550 rpm
Second passenger weapon firemode Automatic
Vehicle speed Fast
Vehicle maneuverability High
Camouflage(s) *Arctic
  • Urban
  • Desert
Operators United States of America
Russian Federation


In Battlefield: Bad Company 2's singleplayer, the CAV appears on the scripted moment of the truck chase on Cold War, the car chase in Crack the Sky and as a primary transport for the larger portion of Sangre Del Toro. On the latter two missions, the player can both drive the vehicle and shoot the grenade launcher without switching positions, if there is a squadmate on the grenade launcher. When switching positions, the player can use the XM312, though the squadmate on the driver's seat won't drive the CAV, so it'll remain stationary at the moment.


In Multiplayer, the CAV appears on the Onslaught version of Nelson Bay. It spawns under the control of the Russians at the final base, but can be easily destroyed/taken over by killing the XM307 gunner on the back. The CAV also appears on Port Valdez on Conquest mode, spawning regularly at both deployments. It also appears in Heavy Metal and Harvest day.


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