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Captured M11/39 in Tobruk, Libya.

The Fiat M11/39 was an Italian medium tank, which saw use under the Royal Italian Army in the North African and Italian theatres of the Second World War. Armed with a 37mm main gun and a heavy machine gun, it was initially successful, but was later generally outclassed by heavier British tanks.

Battlefield 1942Edit

CA M11/39
Vehicle passengers 2
Vehicle armor medium
Main weapon 37mm gun
Main weapon ammunition per reload 30
Secondary weapon none
Passenger weapon heavy machine gun
Passenger weapon rate of fire about 200 rpm
Passenger weapon ammunition per reload 400
Vehicle speed medium

The tank appears in the Battlefield 1942: The Road To Rome expansion as the Italian medium tank. It features two player positions, the driver, who drives the vehicle and utilizes its main gun, and the top gunner, who is armed with a heavy, powerful and accurate but slow-firing machine gun and is hidden and therefore immune to direct damage. Slow firing of that gun gives it a advantage of maintaining ammo much better, but it have a disadvantage of engaging multiple targets quickly.

Despite the advantage of this special machine gun position, the CA M11/39 has one big disadvantage; the main gun lacks a complete 360-degree turning arc, meaning it can not be targeted at enemies to the rear and even to the sides of the vehicle, making the tank extremely vulnerable to ambushing or flanking tanks and anti-tank soldiers. Apart from this, the driver lacks a coaxial machine gun, unlike other medium tanks.

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