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Camp Gibraltar


EU Flag1 EU


April 10th, 2142


Rock of Gibraltar, Gibraltar, The Mediterranean


Abandoned harbor








Camp Gibraltar is a Conquest-only map featured in Battlefield 2142, and is designed for close quarters combat. The map features a design that features catwalks that outline most of the map, serving both for the European Union to have stable Recon positions, as well as a good way for the assaulting PAC to sneak past the EU flags and capture the EU Base, so that the defending team will have to fight on both fronts.


"The attack on Camp Gibraltar was the first deception attack used by the PAC to draw EU forces out of position. Although not of military significance, the site was an important staging point for refugees from the western Mediterranean territories. On April 10th 2142, the PACs AA Command Division attacked the camp. The EUs 4th and 5th Armored Battalions were tasked with defending Camp Gibraltar. The PAC troops fought vigorously but conservatively. The EU commander relied on sniper tactics to hold key positions in an attempt to occupy the PAC forces as long as possible."


EU Flag1 European Union
Battle walker(s)
PACflag Pan-Asian Coalition
Light vehicle(s)
Battle walker(s)


PAC BaseEdit

This is the starting point for the PAC on the 32-player map. It is a very useful spawn for vehicles to push forward through Harbor flag, but the Base itself isn't in a proper strategic position, being very vulnerable for spawn killing. Using the spawn that is positioned nearer of Harbor is the best choice for infantry, as it gives a quick spawn for the upcoming assault.

The vehicles and defensive placements that spawn in the PAC Base are:


This flag is often the first encounter between the EU and the PAC. It features two building surrounding the flag that makes a solid defensive line that is often used by EU snipers. The PAC have a disadvantage attacking this point, as it is an uphill battle, with the EU able to defend multiple choke points. It is recommended for the PAC to use their FAV's to get past this flag.

This point also serves as PAC uncap on 16-player Conquest map.


Toll StationEdit

This is the second flag to be captured by the PAC in a 32-player map, and first in the 16-player version. Trains are located between Toll Station and Harbor, serving as cover, and snipers are effective from the catwalks. This flag is infantry-friendly, with generous amounts of cover and flanks that enclose the flag. The EU can make a strong defensive line by covering the entrances to the flag, but the PAC could use the catwalks to flank the EU.


Central CampEdit

This flag is the map's central flag. It's on the upper floor of a building that has access ways to it in all catwalks. A coordinated Orbital Strike from the Commander followed by a strike through either the main battlefield or the catwalks can result in an easy capture. However, if such is not done, the EU has various defensive points that can drain the PAC's tickets if the PAC does not work together or get the Commander's support.



This flag is the only flag able to separate the EU Base from the PAC offensive. Even with such, Ruins is a very hard flag to take over when the EU defensive positions are already set up. Being surrounded by ruins that players are able to camp on, each soldier trying to reach on the flag is just going to become a target to all defensive positions available. Outside the ruins, there are various choke points where squads are able to hold up, and the proximity with the EU Base lets their team have easy support from their Walker.

EU BaseEdit

The EU's last defensive base. This is the spawn for the EU's L5 Riesig, being able to give support for the EU team if their team loses enough ground, or just to defend the controlled flags. Nonetheless, the EU should take the defense of the EU Base for last resort, as it becomes almost impossible to capture back the flags in time, unless their Commander is able to give enough support. Stealth squads can also reach this base through the catwalks, opening a second front if the rest of the team becomes locked down.


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