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The current flag of Canada
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The flag of Canada from 1921-1957

Canada is a large country that occupies most of the Northern region of North America.


Canada originates from a formerly French, later British, colony. It achieved its independence in 1867, although continues to remain part of the British Commonwealth and remains a dominion to this day. After rapid industrialization during the late 1800s, Canada had become a wealthy, semi-modernized country. It gained a global status after its exceptional contributions in World War I, albeit very costly.

During World War II, Canada participated on a large scale, contributing to many major operations on the Western Front against Germany, such as the invasion of Juno Beach during Operation Overlord, the liberation of the Netherlands and against the Japanese during the battle of Hong Kong. as well as the battling the Germans, Canada also played a major role in breaking through the Italian Front. By the end of World War II, Canada had the fourth largest Navy and Air Force. Over 1 million Canadians would serve all branches of the military by 1945.

During the 1950s, Canada was largely influenced by the United States in culture and economy and is today a developed country.

Recently Canada has seen deployment in Afghanistan starting in 2001 from Joint Task Force 2, Canada's elite counterterrorism special forces. Canadian troops took on a larger role in 2006 when 2500 troops where redeployed to Kandahar Province.

Armed ForcesEdit

The Canadian Army were the armed forces of Canada from 1940 to 1968 In 1968 all three branches of the military where unified and became The Canadian Forces.

Battlefield 1942Edit

In Battlefield 1942, the Canadian Army was introduced in V1.6 and fights the Wehrmacht.

Engagements against the WehrmachtEdit

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Though Canada does not play a significant or prominent role in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, its northern territories of the Yukon and the North-West Territories are partially under Russian occupation prior to the events of the game. This occupation appears to have expanded to the point where Canada is overrun as seen in the final cutscene for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


Infantry WeaponsEdit


Machine GunsEdit

Submachine GunsEdit




Light VehiclesEdit



Naval VesselsEdit

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