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Canadian Service Flag from 1921 to 1957

The Canadian Army were the armed forces of Canada from 1940 to 1968. It was formed from the Canadian Militia, following the latter's modernization in the late 1930s. The Army, unlike the Expeditionary Force of World War I, was formed autonomously from the British government. Hence, it was mobilized solely under the jurisdiction of the Canadian government. At the time, the government wished only to support Allied forces with weapons and supplies with a limited amount of units being involved in engagements. After 1945, the Canadian Army saw a limited role during the Korean War as a field force. After that, it did not participate in any major international conflicts and was unified with the Navy and Air Force to form the combined Canadian Forces in 1968.

Battlefield 1942Edit

In Battlefield 1942, the Canadian Army fights exclusively the Wehrmacht.

Engagements against the WehrmachtEdit


A Canadian medic

Player KitsEdit

The Canadian Army classes is identical to the British Army with the exception of the Assault, which is issued a Johnson LMG instead of an M1918 BAR.






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