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Cavalry is a military arm comprised of soldiers mounted on horseback, which was developed from the use of chariots, and was improved by the invention of stirrups. Cavalry units make use of the horse's superior speed, stature, and momentum to devastating effect on the battlefield. Cavalry often performed reconnaissance, and supported infantry units with flanking maneuvers, charges to break static defense lines, and attacks against supporting units such as artillery. They could also retreat well out of reach, and approach from different directions if terrain permitted.

Special weapons were designed for use on horseback, such as the lance, composite bow, saber, and carbine. Defense against cavalry required engagement in poor terrain to negate the horse's speed, archers able to attack from a distance, or highly disciplined ranks of pikemen trained to withstand the terrifying impact of cavalry charges.

Following World War I and the development of motor vehicles, cavalry units were converted to motorized infantry (using land transport vehicles), mechanized infantry (using APCs and IFVs), or tank units according to military need. Cavalry in the modern era is often limited to ceremonial purposes, but units specializing in terrain inhospitable to ground vehicles also remain active.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

Primary weapon Russian 1895
Secondary weapon Cavalry Sword (horseback)
Handgun (dismounted)
Gadgets Ammo Pouch
Bandage Pouch
Equipment one Light Anti-Tank Grenade
Equipment two Saber (dismounted)
Special ability Special kit when spawning on horseback

The Cavalry kit is introduced alongside horses in Battlefield 1. Players receive this kit and its unique appearance when spawning on a horse. Cavalry often wear light, distinctive headgear (such as peaked caps or keffiyeh), a cuirass (chestplate), harnesses for carrying equipment, riding coat and pants, and long boots.

Dismounted Cavalry use a limited version of the kit carried by their horse, with a separate stash of ammunition for their primary weapon, the Russian 1895. A handgun replaces the Cavalry Sword as sidearm, which in turn is used as a melee weapon.[2] Cavalry can also carry Bandage and Ammo Pouches to support themselves and teammates, and a Light Anti-Tank Grenade. The full set of gadgets available to the Cavalry has yet to be finalized.



  • A glitch during the Battlefield 1 beta allowed dismounted Cavalry to take greatly increased damage, similar to the Sentry. They could survive headshots that would normally kill them while mounted. While mounted, the cuirass worn by cavalry appears to provide some protection when attacked from the front, but not from other angles.


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