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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the intelligence agency branch of the United States Government responsible for providing security intelligence assessment. The CIA utilizes psychological, cyber, and social warfare and is notable for its use of covert operations. For field operations, the CIA relies on its Special Activities Division and the United States Armed Forces.

Battlefield 3Edit

In Battlefield 3, the CIA is responsible for retrieving information about the nuke threats staged by the People's Liberation and Resistance from United States Marine Henry Blackburn.

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Battlefield 4Edit

In Battlefield 4, the CIA is conducting field work in order to find out what Admiral Chang Wei is up to in China and what his connection with the Russians is for.


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Battlefield 4: Countdown to WarEdit

In Battlefield 4: Countdown to War, the CIA sends agent Laszlo Kovic with a section of United States Marines to the Sino-Korean border to extract HVI Highbeam, which goes on to tell of the revelations of the discovery of a planned coup.


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