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Challenger 2

A British Challenger 2.

The FV4034 "Challenger 2" is a British main battle tank. It is argued to be one of the best protected tanks in the world, and the most durable fighting vehicle actively deployed by NATO forces.

Battlefield 2Edit

Challenger 2
Challenger 2 BF2EF
Vehicle passengers Driver
(2 total)
Vehicle armor 1000
Main weapon L30A1 120mm rifled gun
Main weapon damage 500
Main weapon rate of fire 30
Main weapon firemode Single-shot
Main weapon ammunition per reload 1
Secondary weapon M2 Browning
Secondary weapon firemode Automatic
Secondary weapon ammunition per reload Unlimited
Passenger weapon M2 Browning
Passenger weapon firemode Automatic
Passenger weapon ammunition per reload Unlimited
Countermeasures Smoke launchers
Vehicle speed Medium
Vehicle maneuverability Medium
Camouflage(s) Desert
Operators EU European Union

The Challenger 2 is a vehicle featured in the Battlefield 2: Euro Force expansion, available for the European Union.

It is one of the two EU counterparts, with the Leopard 2A6, to the MEC T90, the USMC M1A2 Abrams, and the PLA Type 98. The difference between the MBTs are mostly for cosmetic purposes thus all of them possess the same in terms of stats. MBTs are amongst the heaviest assault vehicles available to the factions.

Armed with a cannon as its primary weapon, the Challenger 2 is capable of doing significant damage to all manner of vehicle and infantry, although its slow rate of fire and inability to aim at a particularly steep angle make it unsuited to combat against aerial vehicles. It spawns with 40 rounds.

As a secondary weapon, the Challenger 2 is armed with an M2HB, capable of inflicting heavy damage against soft targets, killing an infantryman in just two shots. The M2HB has unlimited ammunition but the driver must be wary that this weapon overheats from excessive use.

The gunner mans the cupola-mounted M2, identical to the stationary M2s on the map. The gunner's weapon deals more damage albeit at a slower rate of fire, compared to the driver's. As with the other MBTs, the Challenger 2 also has defensive smoke grenade launchers to help escape anti-tank threats. Compared to its other national counterparts, the FV4034 is considerably larger, making it harder to avoid enemy fire.


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