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Char 2C IRL

Picardie, one of the 10 Char 2Cs produced in reality

The FCM Char 2C was a French super-heavy tank developed by the Forges & Chantiers de la Méditerranée shipyard during World War I. The French's answer to the British Mark V Landship, the Char 2C was a massive and extremely heavy tank designed to break through enemy fortifications and cross directly over trenches. However, due to development issues and the much cheaper FT-17 tank already being in French service, the Char 2C was not completed until after the war in 1921 and only 10 units were created. The Char 2C was armed with a 75mm main gun and 4 secondary Hotchkiss 8mm machine gun ports.

Heavy, slow, and vulnerable to advancements in anti-tank weapons, the Char 2C quickly became obsolete during the 1930s, and the few units created saw use only as propaganda tools for the French during World War II before being destroyed or captured by Germany during the Battle of France. Weighing 69 tons fully loaded, the Char 2C is notable as the first super-heavy tank created, and the only one to ever see operational use in any capacity.[1] [2]

Battlefield 1Edit

Char 2C
Char 2C Icon
Vehicle health Very high
Vehicle passengers 1 driver/main gunner
• 4 machine gunners
(5 total)
Vehicle armor Heavy
(All passengers completely protected)
Main weapon 1x 75 mm cannon
(seat 1)
Main weapon damage 270 impact + 120 blast (1–5m)
Main weapon reload time 5 seconds
Main weapon ammunition per reload 1 round
Passenger weapon 20mm Autocannon (seat 2)
Passenger weapon damage 15.0→10.5 (75→100m) + 22 blast
Second passenger weapon 3x 8mm Hotchkiss M1914
(seats 3, 4, 5)
Vehicle speed Low
Vehicle maneuverability Very low
"Spawn into the Char 2C tank and control an epic new behemoth. Based on the real-world French tank, this super-heavy beast may turn the tide of the entire battle."
— Description

The Char 2C is a Behemoth featured in the Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass expansion on two multiplayer maps.

The Char 2C is a powerful five-seater tank armed with a variety of mounted weapons.

While slow and cumbersome, the tank is incredibly powerful, with the driver having access to the main gun; Capable of taking out other tanks, in one to two hits, depending on what type of land vehicle it is. The shells also deal significant damage even on glancing hits.

Seat two commandeers the rear turret containing a 20mm Autocannon, which has nearly 270° of coverage. While it lacks the depression to fully cover up close, the remaining ports, each containing a Hotchkiss M1914 machine gun, offers additional defense against infantry but have limited view of the front and each side.

Much like its fellow counterparts, the 2C boasts heavy armor and health, making it extremely difficult to destroy one-on-one but lacks proper anti-aircraft capabilities; Making it vulnerable to Bomber runs. However, it can shoot aircraft that, for one reason or another, are flying rather low to the ground.

The two turrets can be disabled by enemy fire, taking 30 seconds to self-repair.



  • The Char 2C featured in-game is the Picardie, the second Char 2C produced, denoted by the 92 painted on the hull.
  • The Char 2C's appearance in Battlefield 1 is anachronistic; although a prototype known as the FCM 1A had been completed in December 1917, in reality, said prototype was scrapped shortly after creation and had several design differences from the final Char 2C.
  • Unlike other tanks, the Char 2C lacks an entering animation, as do all behemoths. Instead, the occupants will warp inside the vehicle.
  • The turret views are protected by a slotted rotating cylinder resembling a zoetrope. When entering the seat, the armor can be seen spinning up.
  • When spawning in Conquest, the vehicle does not initially provide a spawn point, but forces players to physically run to the vehicle, which spawns near the team's home base.



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