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Caprice copcar

A Chevrolet Caprice police cruiser in reality.

The Chevrolet Caprice is a civilian car manufactured by General Motors. It is a common police cruiser in many police departments across the United States. Police Caprices often have modifications such as a separation between the front and backseats, radio communication systems, navigation systems, heavy-duty brakes and suspenders, and upgraded engines.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

The Cevrolet Caprice is a vehicle featured in Battlefield Hardline. The vehicle appears as both police and civilian variants though they are never available to the player to drive. The fact that it is not the same model as the Squad Car is most likely to prevent confusion in regards to which one is drivable.



  • The Police Cruiser is equipped with a Federal Signal Streethawk lightbar.
  • If a person goes up to the Police Cruiser they can hear police radio chatter coming from inside.

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