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Chompie the alligator

Chompi is a Battle Pickup featured in Battlefield Hardline that was released along with the Battlefield Hardline: Blackout expansion. It is a hand-held alligator, which can be used to melee attack enemies.

In order to wield Chompi, players must first have obtained and equipped the Gator Rassler patch, which is obtained on the Break Pointe map. A hole may be broken into a sewer inside Big Eddies wine cellar; holding a dinosaur statue within a gated area. On the other side of the gated area wall, back in the wine cellar, a small gray box that unlocks the gate can be found upon destroying a wine barrel. It can be interacted with upon destroying all 13 toilets located around the map, lifting the gate upon doing so, allowing the player to interact with the dinosaur statue and obtain the patch.

Afterwards the player must equip the patch and go to the Everglades map which holds numerous Skinned rabbits that are randomly located around the map. They may be collected by the player through knifing if the Gator Rassler patch is equipped. Upon obtaining four rabbits, the gator bait may be laid out next to a swamp area near the Charlie flag in Conquest which will then attract Chompi. Afterwards, the player will then be allowed to pick up the alligator and use it as a weapon, killing any enemy player with one hit.



  • The weapon was first hinted at with the original name of the Everglades map, "Gator Bait" referencing how to attract Chompi.
  • Players found the weapon in the game files of Battlefield Hardline after the Robbery expansion was released. Before it was known how to wield Chompi, It was implemented with a cinematic tool to allow it to be wielded by all players in the server.[1]
  • The Gator Rassler patch showed that Chompi would be hungry in November 2015, referencing to the release of the Blackout expansion which added the ability to wield Chompi.
  • Despite being referred as alligators, Chompi and the rest of the "alligator" models in the game are actually crocodiles as seen by their narrower snouts, and visible lower teeth when their jaws are closed.