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This article is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information.
For character customization see Soldier Customization

An SG553 in two different accessory configurations.

Class Customization is a feature that appears in the Battlefield Series. It allows players to customize their soldier's kit with their own choice of weapons, accessories, gadgets, or specializations after they have unlocked them.

Battlefield 2Edit

Customization is a feature that was first implemented in Battlefield 2. It only allows players to switch their primary weapons.

Battlefield 2142Edit

In Battlefield 2142, Customization allows players to choose a primary weapon, two gadgets, a squad leader gadget, and body armor type.

Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit

Customization in Battlefield: Bad Company is similar to Battlefield 2, only allowing players to choose their primary weapon.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Customization in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 allows players to choose their primary and secondary weapon, two personal specializations, and one vehicle specialization.

Battlefield 3Edit

Customization in Battlefield 3 allows for customization of up to three points on a gun, allowing for a wide variety of attachments to be equipped, ranging from high power scopes to tactical flashlights to bipods. Gadgets and specializations can also be chosen, as well as camouflage pattern used on their uniform or on their primary weapon if they've unlocked them through completing Assignments. Vehicle customization is also done in the same menu, allowing for countermeasures, optics, various armaments to be added and utilized in-game.

A feature on Battlelog allows players to customize kits on the website when not playing in a server.

Battlefield 4Edit

Customization in Battlefield 4 has been further expanded. Primary weapons now have up to five customizable points, and sidearms have three customizable points, allowing accessories such as optics, barrel attachments, underbarrel attachments, and more to be added. Players can also choose which gadgets to utilize as well as vehicle armaments.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

Customization in Battlefield Hardline is similar to Battlefield 4, featuring the same customizable attachments and accessory slots for weapons as well as camouflage. The Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal expansion introduces the Gun Bench which allows Battlefield Premium players to increase the level of customization even further with features such as different red dots for optic sights or player made camouflage.

Battlefield 1Edit

Customization in Battlefield 1 is slightly simplified. As of the Gamescom preview, Battlefield 1 offers a range of customization presets for each weapon. These allow the player to quickly choose a range of attachments for a particular weapon, and occasionally altering the available selective fire modes and ammunition type used. Specific customization has not yet been revealed.

As before, players can also choose a sidearm, two gadgets, a grenade type, and a melee weapon.


  • In Battlefield 3, accessories for gun loadouts may be cleared after playing in a Scavenger match. This has been observed in Battlelog with Cloud Save enabled in Origin.

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