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Battlefield 1Edit

Close Support Light Tank
Light Close Support Package Icon
Special features Drop Supplies
Main weapon 37mm Cannon
Main weapon firemode Single shot
Main weapon ammunition per reload 1 shell
Secondary weapon Case ammunition
Countermeasures Emergency Track Repair

The Close Support Package is the default vehicle package available for the FT-17 in Battlefield 1. It most closely resembles the standard loadout for French FT-17s deployed during World War I.

It provides the driver with a 37mm Cannon equipped with high explosive and case ammunition. The HE shells are considered mid-range to the weapons available in other packages—the 20mm autocannon and the 75mm howitzer—in all comparisons. It inflicts less damage than the cannons on other tanks, but remains competitive.

Case ammunition allows the tank to defend against single or clustered infantry, cavalry, and light armor.

The Close Support tank can struggle against numerous and distant foes. Emergency Track Repair allows the driver to escape from one instance of immobility. No other defensive measures are available.

This tank package is well suited to advances alongside teammates, using HE shells to ease infantry mobility and expose covered targets, and the ability to Drop Supplies.

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