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Codex Entries are challenges featured in the singleplayer and multiplayer of Battlefield 1. Upon completion, Codex entries will display real life historical entries related to World War I. Some challenges include killing enemies with specific weapons or vehicles, play missions a certain way, etc. There are a total of 198 Codex Entries featured in Battlefield 1.


The WeaponsEdit

Image Name Criteria
Optics Codex Entry
  • As a Scout, perform 1 Marksman Headshot
M1909 Benet Mercie Codex Entry
  • Perform 10 kills with the Sentry
  • Perform 10 kills with Heavy Machine Guns
Selbstlader M1918 Codex Entry
MLE 1903 Pistol Codex Entry
Gewehr M95 Codex Entry
Russian 1895 Codex Entry
BAR M1918 Codex Entry
Selbstlader 1906 Codex Entry
M1897 Shotgun Codex
MP18 Codex Entry
  • Perform 10 kills with the MP 18
Modello 1918 Codex Entry
  • Perform 10 kills with Elite class weapons
  • Perform 5 kills with the M1911 Special
Madsen MG Codex Entry
Lewis Gun Codex Entry
Cei Rigotti Codex Entry
  • Perform 10 kills with the Mortar
Melee Warfare Codex
  • Perform 10 kills with Melee weapons
Hand Grenades Codex Entry
  • Perform 10 kills with Grenades
Mondragon Codex Entry
M1911 Pistol Codex Entry
  • Perform 10 kills with the M1911
  • Perform 10 kills with the C93

The VehiclesEdit

Image Name Criteria
Hell On Rails Codex
  • Focus fire and destroy a part of an enemy Behemoth
Giants of the Seas Codex Entry
  • Focus fire and destroy a turret of an enemy Behemoth
KFT Scout Codex Entry
M30 Scout Codex Entry
MC 3.5 Sidecar Codex Entry
  • Perform 10 Kills with the A7V

The TacticsEdit

Image Name Criteria
Sniper Codex Entry
  • Play for 30 minutes as the Scout kit
Suppressing Fire Codex Entry
  • Play for 30 minutes as the Support kit
Breakthrough at Last Codex Entry
Trench Raiding Codeex Entry
Battery Beyond Codex Entry
  • Disable the engine of an enemy Behemoth
Camouflage Codex Entry
  • As a Scout, kill another Scout with your rifle
Demolitions Codex Entry
  • Perform 1 Debris Kill
There's Always A First Codex Entry
  • Collect all Field Manuals in Steel on Steel
Guerilla Warfare Codex Entry
Tank Shock Codex Entry
Infantry Tactics Codex Entry
  • Complete a Squad Order three times
Alpine War Codex Entry
Gone Chemical Codex Entry
Nowhere to Hide Codex Entry
Syringe Codex Entry
  • Perform 5 revives with the Syringe
Shock Troopers Codex Entry
  • Play for 30 minutes as the Assault kit

The WarEdit

Image Name Criteria
  • Perform 3 Headshots
  • Perform 1 Avenger Kill
  • Start the Campaign
  • Get through the forest without being detected in Fog of War
  • Fly in planes for 30 minutes
  • Retrieve all engine components undetected in Breakdown
  • Get through the forest without any melee kills in Fog of War
  • Retrieve the first engine component in Breakdown
  • Ride in tanks for 30 minutes
  • Perform 10 heals
  • Collect all Field Manuals in Be Safe
  • Dont let the tank get damaged before clearing the village in Steel on Steel
  • Win 1 game of Conquest
Colonial Troops Codex
  • Perform 3 Kill Assists
  • Rescue a squad mate by killing his attacker
  • Complete the campaign
  • Perform 10 kills with Stationary Weapons
  • Don't lose the trial during the chase in Test Flight
  • Use tripwire bombs to kill 2 enemies in Fall from Grace
  • Defeat 10 enemies with melee attacks in Be Safe
  • Have at least four bombers survive a bombing run in Total War
  • Defeat 5 enemies with rifle grenades in The Runner
  • Perform 10 kills with Cavalry weapons
  • Play for 30 minutes as the Medic kit
  • Destroy 10 aircraft within 30 seconds using the stationary weapon in Forte et fidele
  • Scout the crash site in Hidden in Plain Sight
  • Defeat 5 enemies with grenades in Be Safe

The WorldEdit

Image Name Criteria
The British Empire Codex Entry
United Sates Codex Entry
Austria Hungary Codex Entry
The German Empire Codex Entry
The Kingdom of Italy Codex Entry Win 1 game while playing as the Italy
The Ottoman Empire Codex Entry
Mata Hari Codex Entry
  • Kill the last living member of a squad
In War We Are Equal Codex Entry
A War In France Codex Entry
Total War Codex Entry
  • Perform 3 Suppression Assists
A Changing World Codex
  • Perform 1 Multikill
Celebrities Codex Entry
Women Rise Codex Entry

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