Image Name Criteria
Alpine War Codex Entry
Battery Beyond Codex Entry
Breakthrough at Last Codex Entry
Bringing Down Giants
  • Disable the engine of an enemy Behemoth
Camouflage Codex Entry
  • As a Scout, kill another Scout with your rifle
Decoys in WW1
Demolitions Codex Entry
  • Perform 1 Debris Kill
Frontlines Codex Entry
Guerilla Warfare Codex Entry
Going Beneath Codex Entry
Gone Chemical Codex Entry
Infantry Tactics Codex Entry
  • Complete a Squad Order three times
Nowhere to Hide Codex Entry
Shock Troopers Codex Entry
  • Play for 30 minutes as the Assault kit
Sniper Codex Entry
  • Play for 30 minutes as the Scout kit
Supply Drop Codex Entry
Suppressing Fire Codex Entry
  • Play for 30 minutes as the Support kit
Syringe Codex Entry
  • Perform 5 revives with the Syringe
Tank Shock Codex Entry
There's Always A First Codex Entry
  • Collect all Field Manuals in Steel on Steel
Trench Raiding Codeex Entry
Trench Warfare Codex Entry

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