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The singleplayer campaign of Battlefield: Bad Company features a total of twenty-nine collectible weapons.

Welcome to Bad CompanyEdit

Weapon Location
870MCS Found in a house after liberating the outpost at the river crossing.
AEK971 Found by searching slain enemies.
S20K Found by searching slain enemies.
SCAR-L Found in an off-the-beaten-path house north of the southernmost bridge, not far south from the ZU-23-2 battery.
XM8 Prototype Found in an abandoned house (as part of the main mission).

Acta Non VerbaEdit

Weapon Location
AKS74U Found by searching slain Specialist enemies.
M249 SAW Found in the first house while escorting the tank column.

Crossing OverEdit

Weapon Location
AN94 Found in a guard tower at the guard post at the beginning of the mission.
M95 Used by Legionnaire snipers at the port. One can be picked up by killing the first sniper, located on a tower after the player's proceeded halfway through the port.
MG36 Found in a house to the south section of the map after the player has destroyed the eastern communications antenna. This building also contains a Repair Tool and a Gold Crate.
SPAS-12 Found in a large house at the west end of the bridge during the first offensive campaign at the beginning.
SV98 Found by searching slain enemy snipers, with many of them located around the first and second antenna.
SVU Found in the guard tower at the second antenna, where the Mi-24 initially attacks.
XM8C Found at a road construction site on the southeast of the south communications antenna. This site also has a Gold Crate.

Par for the CourseEdit

Weapon Location
M16 Found in an abandoned outpost far north of the western SAM launcher, along with a Gold Crate.
M24 At the solitary island in the northeast section of the initial mission map, along with a Gold Crate.
MG3 Found at the western SAM launcher site, next to a wooden shack.
NS2000 Found in a green barrack at the southern SAM launcher site.
PKM In the palace courtyard at the end of the mission, directly beneath Serdar's statue, or by searching slain enemies.
PP2000 Found in the green barrack before the long bridge heading to the presidential palace.
UMP-45 Found in a guard booth before the long bridge heading to the presidential palace.
VSS Found in a house directly south of the southern SAM launcher. This house is southeast from where the player watched the team's UH-60 Black Hawk being shot down.

Air Force OneEdit

Weapon Location

Crash and GrabEdit

Weapon Location
XM8 LMG Found in one of the houses at the harbor at the river mouth (southern most corner of the map) after completing the initial objective This harbor is where the closing cutscene of the mission takes place.

Ghost TownEdit

Weapon Location
9A91 Found in first outpost by searching slain enemies.
AUG Found in first outpost by searching slain enemies.
GOL Found in first outpost. Used by the sniper.
QJU88 Found in first outpost by searching slain enemies.
SPAS-15 Second floor of the first blue 2-story barrack on the right at the second base.
T194 Found in first outpost by searching slain enemies.

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