Cold WarEdit

Weapon Location
XM8 Prototype Default
AN94 Carried by the first patrol of hostiles in the game.
TOZ-194 Carried by first group of hostiles. Common weapon throughout the game.
T88 LMG Carreid by the hostiles wearing red berets near the bus barricade in the town. Common throughout later levels.

Heart of DarknessEdit

Weapon Location
SPAS-12 Found at the first village. Before boarding the boat to go upriver. Check the dockhouses by the water for this weapon on a green weapons tin.
AEK-971 Common weapon throughout the level.
M2CG The rocket launcher used to destroy the hostile watercraft.
T88 Sniper Found near the supply cache on the top of the pyramid.
T88 LMG After descending the pyramid ruins to the second village, a few of the enemies carry this weapon with the dot sight.
TOZ-194 On a green weapons tin in the second village. The yellow pip on the icon denotes this shotgun fires slug instead of shotshell ammo.


Weapon Location
AEK-971 Commonly used by hostiles throughout the level.
T88 Sniper Used for Sniping Sequence.
SPAS-12 The slug version of SPAS 12. Enemies will drop this weapon in this stage.
MP443 This weapon is unlocked after the hostage taking sequence.

Crack the SkyEdit

Weapon Location
SCAR-L Located at the edge of the map near a weapons crate at the top of a flight of stairs near by.
USAS-12 After clearing the lower area of the depot after the chopper ride, the weapon is located in an open cargo container at the bottom of a long flight of stairs to the satellite station.
M95 After bypassing the machinegun nest, another watchtower can be found overlooking the base with a hostile sniper standing inside. The M95 can be found next to the hostile.
SCAR-L The slug variant of the SCAR-L can be found in a weapon crate by the stair leading to the yard with the buggy.


Weapon Location
USAS-12 Located in the part of the mission that will slowly freeze the player to death if they stay in the cold to long, the USAS-12 can be found in front of the supply cache. More are also found in the numerous cabins the player travels through as they descent the mountain.

Heavy MetalEdit

Weapon Location
MG3 After the squad procees to locate the target in the wrecked city, they will cross a river. Afterwards, stay on the street and look for a wrecked red car on the right. Directly across the street is this weapon.

High Value TargetEdit

Weapon Location
XM8 Found on the corpses of dead marines after the ambush.

Sangre Del ToroEdit

Weapon Location
F2000 Found near the eastern intel point in the same tent that the collectible M-COM station and laptap that must be hacked can be found.
M60 Found at the center intel point in the courtyard fountain.
AN-94 Carried by the hostiles found at the central intel point.
M60 The Slug variant of the M60 is found in weapon crates at the eastern intel point at the base of the lighthouse as well as the western intel point next to the hackable laptop.

No One Gets Left BehindEdit

Weapon Location
M95 Carried by snipers located at the second village after the tank attack.
F2000 After attacking the prison camp and destroying the second IFV, there is a supply cache and a weapons crate to the right with the F2000 found within.

Zero Dark ThirtyEdit

Weapon Location

Force MultiplierEdit

Weapon Location


Weapon Location
AKS-74U Carried by the first hostile seen in the level.