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Colorblind on Consoles

Screenshot of Colorblind mode in effect.

Colorblind mode is an optional mode featured in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 that was originally added for PC players to differentiate teammates and enemies easier.

Battlefield 3Edit

Colorblind was originally a feature exclusive to PC but was later added to consoles in the Battlefield 3 June Patch.


The mode changes the color of essentially all HUD elements and also adds a black border around text/icons to make them easier to see.

  • Teammate
    • Blue (Original) - Dark Blue
  • Squadmate
    • Green (Original) - Yellow-Green (More yellow than green)
  • Enemy
    • Red (Original) - Dark Red

Battlefield 4Edit

Colorblind returns in Battlefield 4, holding the same function as before.


  • Off
    • Squad: Light Green
    • Team: Light Blue
    • Enemy: Orange
  • Deuteranopia
    • Squad: Purple
    • Team: Indigo
    • Enemy: Salmon
  • Tritanopia
    • Squad: Purple
    • Team: Blue
    • Enemy: Orange
  • Protanopia
    • Squad: Gray
    • Team: Purple
    • Enemy: Green

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