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The Commo Rose is a feature in the Battlefield Series. By pressing and holding the Q(Default) button on the keyboard, the Commo Rose is brought up, with several options being displayed in a ring around the "Spotted" option.

The Commo Rose allows a player to quickly send pre-set messages to other players much faster than the original method of sending messages and spotting, which was via the function keys. The Commo Rose is helpful for players who don't have headsets with microphones. Some commands cause icons to be displayed for teammates, alerting them of your status.

The Commo Rose presents a few different options for players in vehicles. In addition, a second Tactical Rose offers squad-related messages. It can be accessed by pressing and holding T on the keyboard.

Commo Rose MessagesEdit

On footEdit


  • Get In replaces Need Pickup
  • Need Repair replaces Need Medic
  • Bail Out replaces Follow Me

Tactical Rose MessagesEdit

Tactical Rose messages may result in special icons for the commander if requested by a squad leader.

Commander Rose MessagesEdit

These special commands allow a Commander to place orders or assets at a specific location:

Battlerecorder MessagesEdit

During a BattleRecorder playback, a special rose offers playback commands.

Battlefield 2Edit

BF2 Commo rose

The Commo Rose in Battlefield 2

The commo rose was first introduced in Battlefield 2 with American, MEC, Chinese, Russian and EU Voices, depending on the playing faction or settings.

Battlefield 2142Edit

BF2142 CR

Commo rose in Battlefield 2142

The commo rose returned in Battlefield 2142 with EU and PAC voices with the same commands like in Battlefield 2 but with different looks. Right-clicking the "Spotted" message brings up a list of infantry roles and vehicles, allowing hidden threats to be warned against, or for minor griefing.

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

Commo rose appears in a more streamline, compact form in Play4Free. It takes the form of rectangular shapes unlike the hexagonal form the other games appear with and consists of only more important commands.

  • Spotted
  • Need Medic
  • Need Ammo
  • Need Pickup
  • Roger That

Battlefield 3Edit


The Commo Rose in Battlefield 3 as of the 1.04 Patch.

The Commo Rose is refined in the PC version of Battlefield 3, and is stacked with the Spotting feature. Commands related to support actions are taken off the rose and made available when not sighting an enemy, allowing players to request aid more quickly. Players can also offer support if they have an appropriate gadget equipped.

Battlefield 4Edit


Commo Rose in Battlefield 4 (While a Squad Leader with Commander online.)


Commo Rose in Battlefield 4 (While a Squad Member)

The Commo Rose returns in Battlefield 4, but for the first time for consoles. Like previous games, the player will have a corresponding voice response in the faction's language, but commands will also appear in Team and Squad chat, similar to Battlefield 2. The Commo Rose is made up of rectangles as opposed to the hexagonal shapes of previous games and is grey in color.

Items formerly on the Tactical Rose, such as requesting or giving orders, have now been added to the Commo Rose instead and the center Spot command has been removed. It also now appears on consoles and is activated by holding Spot/Commorose (Default: R2 for PS3, R1 for PS4, RB for Xbox 360 and Xbox One) and selecting the desired command with the right analogue stick.

Like Battlefield 3, the player can also request or offer support actions without bringing up the Commo Rose and can just press Spot/Commorose once while looking at a teammate who is in need of or is able to perform the action. Squad Leaders can also mark objectives for attack or defense this way, but in both circumstances a message will not appear in chat, only a voice command will play.

In a late January 2014 patch, a chatfeed was implemented for console versions of Battlefield 4 that show commands issued by players.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

This Section is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information.

The Commo Rose is featured in Battlefield Hardline, functioning in a similar manner to the Battlefield 4 counterpart.


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