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A Concrete Cube or Box is a type of static fortification emplacement. Functioning in a similar manner to HESCO bastions, they are created with precast concrete and steel reinforcement. Rebar is the most common form of concrete reinforcement. It is typically made from steel, manufactured with ribbing to bond with concrete as it cures. Rebar is versatile enough to be bent or assembled to support the shape of any concrete structure. Carbon steel is the most common rebar material. However, stainless steel, galvanized steel and epoxy coating can be used to prevent corrosion.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 features concrete cubes as a type of fortification. It is usually placed in groups around the majority of the available multiplayer maps. Because of its wide cubic shape it can withstand tank shells and C4 and micro-damage from small arms. Despite it being seemingly damaged it will still offer full cover and will only sustain visual damage while retaining its shape. As a result, any openings made in the cubes are only cosmetic and will not allow players to shoot through them.


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