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Conquest is a gametype first introduced in Battlefield 1942 and has been featured in every Battlefield game in the series to date.


The aim in Conquest is to capture a neutral flag or enemy flags and hold them. Once captured, flags serve as spawn points for both infantry and vehicles. Teams must hold flags and kill members of the opposing team to reduce the enemy ticket count. Once a team ticket count has been reduced to zero, the other team wins.

Ticket LossEdit

Ticket loss, also referred to as ticket bleeding, is the state where a team constantly loses reinforcement tickets due to the opposing team holding more flags. The more the opposing team have flags than the first team, the faster the latter loses tickets. This is a strategy employed by many teams in order to avoid lengthy periods of fighting, although if the other team re-captures lost flags, the ticket loss may be incurred on the opposing team.


To capture a flag, the player must be within a specific range of it. Depending on map design, the capture area may be wide enough to allow vehicles to capture it from a main road, or it may be constrained and indoors, forcing infantry to venture inside.

When the player is in the capture zone, the flag's name appears in the player's view and a meter shows the capture progress. If players from both teams are in the capture zone, progress is stopped completely until one team has more players in the capture zone or all enemies in the area have been killed.

The more players are in the capture zone, the faster the capturing process goes. The process does not go faster when there are more than 5 players in the capture zone.[1]

Flags may be in any of three states:

The flag is open for capture, either from not having been challenged since the round began, or because a flag once in possession was neutralized by the enemy. Players cannot spawn on neutral flags.
The flag is held by the team; teammates may spawn here, along with vehicles chosen for that point by the map designer.
The flag is held by the opposing team, and can spawn infantry and vehicles for their use.

Although empty vehicles spawn for intended use by the owner of the flag, enemies can commandeer these, unless they are team-specific like the AAV-7A1 AMTRAC or the A3-Goliath IFV.

Uncapturable flagsEdit

In certain Conquest variants, each team has one or more uncapturable flags (aka bases, uncaps, deployments) from which they can spawn if no capturable flags are available.



Both teams start on opposite ends of the map at their base, which is not controllable by the enemy team. The Players team must then capture flags on the map in order to bleed enemy tickets. Once captured, Flags allow for players to spawn on them and may unlock vehicles and other installations (Anti-aircraft guns, stationary weapons, etc.) to help defend or capture more flags. Once the enemy ticket count has been reduced to zero, the other team wins.

Conquest Head-OnEdit

The rules for Conquest Head-On are the same as for the default gametype except each team has an uncap. Enemy tickets start reducing once a team holds over half of the map's flags.

Conquest MissionEdit

Introduced in Battlefield Vietnam, Conquest Mission is similar to Head On battles, except for a few differences. On Siege of Khe Sahn, for instance, one particular control point counts the same as three normal ones. On Operation Flaming Dart, one side starts off with spawn points that cannot be captured. Read each individual map's section, as well as the starting screen in-game to learn about the special conditions that apply to a particular Mission map.

Conquest AssaultEdit

Like regular Conquest, the objective is to capture and hold flags until the enemy ticket count has been reduced to zero. In Conquest Assault, however, an attacking team starts with control of no flags while the defenders on the other hand hold them all. Enemy tickets only reduce with the kill of a player or once every flag on the map has been captured. Once all the bases have been captured, the other team can only spawn on their teammates. If the team with all the flags kills all enemy players before a flag can be captured, they win by default.

The gametype returned in Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand and remained largely unchanged.

Hybrid Conquest/Conquest Double AssaultEdit

Each team begins holding a number of flags, and battle over the remaining neutral flags. Enemy tickets start reducing once a team holds over half of the map's flags. There are no uncaps.

Titan and Carrier AssaultEdit

Main article: Titan (Game Mode)
Main article: Carrier Assault

Titan as well as a re-imagined variant of it, Carrier Assault, is a gametype that is based on Conquest. Each team begins with a titular vehicle (or an aircraft carrier in Carrier Assault), which serves as a primary spawn point and airbase, and an uncap that holds the team's commander resources and ground vehicles. Instead of flags, teams compete for missile silos which are used to weaken and destroy the opposing team's Titan or Carrier.

Conquest (Play4Free)Edit

Conquest (known in the game as Assault) in Battlefield Play4Free, though similar to the normal gametype, doesn't feature tickets like in other variations. Instead, the gametype features a score limit that must be reached in order to win the game. This is done by gaining points from capturing and defending a number of flags throughout the map. Unlike most or all of the other variants of Conquest, killing enemies does not count towards ticket gain.

Assault LinesEdit

The Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike expansion added the Assault Lines game mode which was later made free with the introduction of the 1.51 patch. It gave the European Union faction an uncap and access to the A-3 Goliath.

The Pan-Asian Coalition begins with control of all other flags, including a locked flag that becomes accessible to the EU once they control all other flags on the map. The objective of the gametype, like Conquest, is to capture flags and reduce the enemy ticket count to zero.

Conquest LargeEdit

Introduced in Battlefield 3, Conquest Large was made because of the fact that PC players could play with up to 64 players, as opposed to 24 on consoles, and because there are greater number of functional areas of the maps on PC. The rules are the same as regular Conquest except that there are more flags to conquer on maps than on the console versions.

Conquest Large returns in Battlefield 4, remaining unchanged from its counterpart in Battlefield 3, the only difference being that the gamemode is now available on next generation consoles alongside the PC.

Conquest DominationEdit

Main article: Domination

Chain LinkEdit

Introduced in Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth, Chain Link is a variant of Conquest with a focus on infantry combat. Players must link adjacent capture points, which causes the opposing team's tickets to bleed quicker. Flags are captured faster than in standard Conquest, similar to the capture speed in Domination and Scavenger. Few, if any, vehicles on spawn on the map, and those that do are limited to Transport Vehicles. A time limit is set by default, and the team who manages to bleed the other team completely of their tickets or has the most tickets left at the end of the round wins the match.

Squad ConquestEdit

Squad Conquest is a variation of Conquest Assault that was added to Battlefield 4 in the Community Test Environment in May 2015. As the name implies, the gamemode pits two opposing squads of five players against one another as they try to capture and hold all flags until tickets have been reduced to zero. Similar to Conquest Assault, defenders start with control of all flags while attackers on the other hand hold none. Upon losing control of all flags, the defenders are unable to respawn and lose the match by default if all players have been killed.

While the mode features three normal flags, it also holds a fourth, known as a "strategic team resource. Depending on the map the gamemode is played on, this flag may be either a Battle Pickup or a vehicle. In order to use the resource, it must first be captured which done at an exponentially longer rate than a normal flag. Due to the modes intention for competitive gameplay, map boundaries are much smaller than normal to accommodate for close quarters combat.


  • Conquest has been released with Battlefield games to date except in Battlefield: Bad Company, as DICE wanted to promote the Gold Rush gametype. The default Conquest was later added in an update to the game.
  • Conquest is the only game mode where a player can earn the Squad Member pin in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 due to the unique ability to defend and attack a flag in one round unlike other game modes.
  • On the "Conquest Winner" dog tag in Battlefield 3, there are three engraved flags with "All", "Your" and "Base" written on each flag. This is a reference to the popular catchphrase "All your base are belong to us", from the 1989 arcade shooter "Zero Wing".


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