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Coral Sea is a map featured in Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 1943. The map is mostly focused on aerial combat, although there is an atoll with several naval defense cannons and flak guns, as well as some houses.

Battlefield 1942Edit

Coral Sea is a map featured in Battlefield 1942 through a later patch. The objective of each faction is to sink the other's Aircraft Carrier. Both teams start with an unmovable carrier and two plane spawn points with unlimited planes.


The layout on the islands are rather simple, mountains with minor hills.

  • The Island in the north-east consist of two Defguns (one staring towards the Japanese Carrier and the other staring towards the ocean beside the mountains) and a 40mm Bofors next to the Def Gun staring towards the Japanese carrier.
  • The Island north-west has a 40mm Bofors in the middle of the islands.
  • The Island south-east has nothing of interest on it.
  • The Island north-west has two Defguns (one pointing towards the American Aircraft carrier, the other behind it staring towards the ocean) and one 40mm on the southern tip of the island.
  • The central island has a 40mm Bofors. 


Japan Flag Imperial Japanese Navy
Fixed-wing aircraft

Shokaku-class aircraft carrier

Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps
Fixed-wing aircraft

Yorktown-class aircraft carrier

Battlefield 1943Edit

"The battle of the Coral Sea took place in May 1942 and was the first battle in history where aircraft carriers engaged each other directly with fighters."

— Loading Screen Tip

Coral Sea is a map featured in Battlefield 1943 and is exclusive to the Air Superiority mode. While not originally part of the game, it was later added to each platform when their community reached a collective count of 43,000,000 kills. This variation of the map has taller islands and an out of bounds zone. There are several buildings on the islands, and natural bridges that are scattered around the map, all of which map be flown under. All spawn points are four static carriers, two on each side which spawn infinite fighter planes. Each carrier also has access to two 40mm Bofors Anti-Air Guns at the back.


  • In Battlefield 1943, the Xbox 360 community unlocked the map first shortly after the game's release. The PlayStation 3 community unlocked it a few days later.