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Currency is a gameplay concept used in the Battlefield series used to purchase in-game content.

Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

P4F Funds

Play4Free Funds

Play4Free Funds are a virtual currency system used in both Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield Play4Free and superseded Battlefunds as of January 18, 2012.[1]

They are used to purchase in-game character customizations such as unique clothing and weapons, which allows a player to create the character they want to be represented by when playing online. Battlefunds can also be used to buy exclusive and limited-time offers in the Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield Play4free online stores.

In Battlefield Heroes, they can even be used to gain Valor Points faster, while in Battlefield Play4Free, they can be used in place of Credits to purchase weapons, gadgets, and armor customizations to have them for longer or permanently. They can also be used for temporary Credit, XP, armor, or damage boosts or to purchase more slots for new heroes or soldiers to create in both games.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

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Battlefield Hardline features in-game currency which is gained from performing gameplay actions. Currency may be used to purchase weapons, gadgets, attachments, and skins.

Battlefield 1Edit

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Battlefield 1 features two types of currency, Warbonds and Scraps.


Warbonds are used to purchase weapons and gadgets in a manner similar to Battlefield Hardline. Warbonds are obtained from simply leveling up in multiplayer, with levels dictating the amount awarded. Upon purchasing all available content, Warbonds will stop being awarded.


Scraps are used to purchase Battlepacks. They are obtained through scrapping weapon skins, with the amount dictated by the rarity of the skin scrapped. Since the Spring Update, though, scraps can also be obtained daily through doing these things:

  • Playing one match for the first time gives 50 scraps.
  • Winning one match for the first time gives 25 scraps.
  • Being featured in the highlights for the first time gives 25 scraps.


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