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Custom Gamemodes are official custom variants of gamemodes featured in Battlefield 1.


All Hardcore game modes in Battlefield 1 are found in the Custom Games section of Multiplayer.

  • Increased bullet damage
  • Elimination of HUD elements such as spotting icons and minimap
  • On reload, partial magazines are discarded
  • No health regeneration

Standard Issue RiflesEdit

All infantry weapons are replaced with each faction's standard issue rifle (in a basic variant equipped only with iron sights) and sidearms. Offensive gadgets are removed, leaving only those capable of support actions.

Armored KillEdit

Borrowing from the Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC, Armored Kill game mode increases the number of vehicles present on large maps, and eliminates long range infantry primary weapons.

  • Conquest game mode (large maps with vehicles)
  • Increased vehicle count for both teams
  • Medic self-loading rifles and Scout single-action rifles are unavailable

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