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AK-12 shotgun

The AK-12/76 Shotgun variant in real life.

The AK-12/76 is a variant of the AK-12 configured to fire 12 gauge shotgun shells. Along with a .308 DMR variant, the 12/76 is one of two versions of the AK-12 expected to be later exported to the United States for civilian purchase.

A version of the AK-12/76 using the standard AK-12 magwell appears in Battlefield 4 named the DBV-12.

Battlefield 4Edit

The DBV-12 is a shotgun featured in Battlefield 4.

The DBV-12 has similar stats to the Saiga 12K except for the magazine capacity where the DBV-12 has two additional shells. This is balanced out by the fact that the DBV has slightly more vertical kick than the Saiga.

Gallery Edit


  • The "DBV" in DBV-12 stands for "drobovik" (дробовик), which is "shotgun" in Russian.

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