Digital Illusions CE Los Angeles
Founded April 2013
Headquarters Los Angeles, California, USA
Products Battlefield 4
Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment
Battlefield 4: Second Assault
Battlefield 4: Dragon's Teeth
Battlefield 4: Final Stand
Battlefield Hardline
Battlefield 1
Parent(s) DICE

Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment Los Angeles, more commonly known as DICE LA is a video game developer and subsidiary of DICE. The company is stationed in Los Angeles, California and is owned by Electronic Arts.


Following the poor reception of Medal of Honor: Warfighter, EA subsequently closed Danger Close Games, in June 2013. Much of the staff was laid off, although some of the remnants, as well as DICE employees from Stockholm were brought together to form DICE LA.

The newly formed studio helped in development of Battlefield 4 and led the development of the Second Assault expansion. As well, the studio started and is currently handling the Community Test Environment for Battlefield 4. The studio has also solely developed last two expansions of Battlefield 4, Dragon's Teeth and Final Stand, along with Operations, the series of DLCs that added new weapons and maps to the game before the ending support of the game.


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