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Daniel Recker
Recker in the game's opening cinematic
Nickname(s) Reck, Tombstone 2 (Former call sign), Tombstone Actual (call sign), Squad Leader
Appearances Battlefield 4 Icon Battlefield 4
Countdown To WarBattlefield 4: Countdown to War
Rank 380px-USMC-E5 svg Sergeant (E-5)
Age Unknown
Affiliation USMC logo United States Marine Corps
Weapon Knife
M67 Grenade
All weapons available in the Campaign and the weapons crate.
First appearance Baku
Last appearance Suez
Status Alive

Sergeant Daniel "Reck" Recker is the protagonist and main playable character in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield 4.


Splr bf4
"You'll back me up, right?"

This section contains spoilers for Battlefield 4.

Squad Deployment

Recker is a Sergeant of Tombstone Squad, a special unit of the United States Marine Corps. He is deployed to multiple regions in the world in an effort to uncover and prevent a rogue Chinese admiral's plans to initiate a conflict between China and the United States.


Main article: Baku

Recker and Tombstone were sent to Baku, Azerbaijan to retrieve information about Russia and China's relationship. When a trade with a defecting Russian general goes bad, Tombstone regroups and fights their way to their extraction point. The mission ultimately results in success of capturing the intel, but at the death of their extraction pilot, Hawkins, and the squad leader, Dunn.


Main article: Shanghai (Mission)

Following CIA Agent Kovic's request for extraction from the Zhi You Tower in Shanghai along with two VIPs, Garrison contacted the Secretary of Defense, Gauntlet for permission to send a team to extract them. Due to the possibility of Chang seeing the extraction as an act of war if caught, however, Gauntlet promptly denied Garrison's request. Despite this, Garrison still sent Tombstone to Shanghai to perform the extraction, on the condition that they keep a low profile during the mission.

Before leaving, however, Irish remembered that Kovic was with Olsen at the North Korean Border and started to question his involvement. In response, Garrison said that the mission was off the grid and that they needed to extract Kovic because he held the truth of what had really happened to Olsen and his marines. Garrison then made Recker the squad leader of Tombstone as it was Dunn's final wish should he die and Garrison wanted to respect that.

After reaching Shanghai, the aftermath of the assassination of Jin Jie soon became apparent due to the declaration of martial law and wide spread riots. As a result, Tombstone was forced to exit their vehicle and continue to the Zhi You Tower on foot. Upon arriving within sight, Tombstone noticed a patrolling Z-9 helicopter around the heavily guarded building, forcing them to sneak in quietly. Once entering the elevator, however, the squad accidentally arrived at the wrong floor, alerting enemy forces. This then resulted in firefights breaking out as they realized their cover was essentially blown.

Once Tombstone arrived at the VIP lounge, they found it surrounded by enemy forces who were then blown away by an unknown explosive device. With the room up in flames, they momentarily believed their mission failed until Kovic opened the door of the neighboring room to check on the trap he had laid. After acquainting themselves with Kovic, Hannah, and her husband, Tombstone lead them toward the roof and proceeded to dispatch all enemy forces before Recker secured the helipad.

As Kovic and the VIPs were boarding the helicopter, however, a sniper successfully injured Hannah's husband in the abdomen, prompting Recker and Hannah to quickly him him get aboard the helicopter. Kovic then asked Recker if he and Tombstone wanted to get in the vehicle with them, only for Recker to shake his head, saying they would hold off PLA forces while Kovic escaped and headed toward the USS Valkyrie. Successful, Tombstone fought their way down the tower and out of the complex and then proceeded to head toward the waterfront. Upon arrival, they boarded a civilian ferry and herded hundreds of refugees with them back to the Valkyrie as an EMP went off in the city.

South China Sea

Main article: South China Sea

The following day, Recker, Pac, and Irish were summoned by Garrison for a briefing of the recent events. Along the way, they witness the USS Titan which had been recently boarded and nearly destroyed. Garrison sent Tombstone along with Kovic as temporary squad leader to investigate. Tombstone retrieved the Titan's voyage recorder and began to return to the Valkyrie, repelling the invaders along the way. The Chinese had already attacked the Valkyrie by the time Tombstone arrived via a DV-15 Interceptor. They had picked up Hannah whilst making their way back to Garrison. The voyage recorder was successfully delivered, but at the cost of Kovic's life.


Main article: Singapore

Recker again led Tombstone, along with a volunteered Hannah, to Singapore. Their objective was to fire a flare over Changi Airport for the Valkyrie. They had initially began the assault with several tank elements and other Marines, but all were lost and otherwise left behind by the time they reached the airport. Tombstone was successful in firing the flare, but evidently too early as they were caught in the subsequent fire during their escape. While Pac, Irish, and Recker were disoriented, Hannnah betrayed them and captured them with several Chinese soldiers.

Kunlun Mountains

Main article: Kunlun Mountains

Recker and Irish were brought to the Kunlun Mountains for interrogation and imprisonment. With the help of his cellmate, Recker escaped his cell and caused a riot within the prison, which they used to mask their escape. Recker and Irish are captured by guards, but Hannah turns out to be a double agent and rescues them. The group then used a tram to escape, however a helicopter attacked them, though only killing Dima, Recker's cell mate, in the process.


Main article: Tashgar

Irish, Hannah, and Recker then made their way to Tashgar, in western China. They schemed with US Marine Molina to meet with Major Greenland after arriving in the town. After fighting off numerous Russian soldiers, Tombstone had finally met Greenland, who said that there was no way to get out by air until the Russian anti-aircraft guns were destroyed so Tombstone could be flown to the Valkyrie. Greenland orders Recker, Irish, and Hannah to destroy the dam to flood the Russians' positions. Once this was successful, Greenland provided transport for Tombstone to the Valkyrie.


Main article: Suez

Tombstone arrived at the Valkyrie on the Suez Canal, in Egypt. They parachuted onto the runway and counterattacked the Chinese soldiers. Tombstone eventually met up with Jin Jié, Garrison, and Pac (who presumably covertly escaped his own prison) in the Valkyrie's medical bay. Jin Jié persuaded the remaining soldiers to stand down, but Chang still posed a threat. Hannah, Recker, and Irish volunteered to deliver a RHIB loaded with C4 to sink his warship. When Hannah pulls the trigger, the C4 doesn't explode due to malfunction, resulting in Recker either picking Irish or Hannah to plant the last C4 he is holding. Choosing will result in one of the two's death as Recker is then forced to detonate the C4. If Recker takes too long, Chang will destroy the Valkyrie, and everyone aboard. The game ends no matter what choice is picked.


Battlefield 4

  • Although not speaking during the campaign, it can be inferred that Hannah was on friendly terms towards Recker, as right before betraying him in Singapore, she apologizes to Recker.
  • Typically, unlike most of his squad, (in first-person perspective) Recker wears the standard USMC Battle Dress Uniform consisting of Desert Tri-Color top and MultiCam trousers.
    • His gloves in the E3 trailer, however, were different from the Oakley Assault Gloves that Blackburn uses.
    • In the Shanghai mission, Recker wore a civilian outfit as part of the group's disguise. His viewmodel shows that he is wearing a leather jacket without gloves.
    • As well, in the Kunlun Mountains mission, his sleeves consist of a prison uniform until he meets up with Hannah, where his sleeves change to that of a blue snow jacket.
  • He appears to have some familiarity with tanks, as he commandeers one in Singapore.
  • While driving a RHIB in third-person, the player can see Recker's back. This can be viewed here.
    • Judging from this, he seems to have a US Engineer body model and a unique head model.
  • In Baku, when Recker checks his loaded magazine to see it empty, he can be heard swearing in a quiet tone. This is Recker's only dialogue for the entire game. This can be heard here.
    • This is also the only time in the whole series that the playable character speaks while being controlled during gameplay (not in a cutscene).
  • Recker is the only member of Tombstone squad to not have a collectible dog tag associated with him (as he does not die in any of the endings).
  • After Dunn's death in Baku, Recker keeps the MP412 Rex that was given to him by Dunn and carries it by default there after.

Countdown to War

  • Recker speaks many times in his appearances in the novel, Battlefield 4: Countdown to War, even in times that contradict the game, such as when he is first with Kovic in South China Sea.
  • In the game, Kovic says almost nothing to Recker but only to Tombstone as a whole. In the novel, he addresses Recker directly, who also replies with dialogue.
  • Recker seems to enjoy a good challenge. For example, in the hotel roof scene, when Kovic ordered him to stop the helicopter pilot from escaping, Recker "grinned as he aimed, relishing the challenge."
  • Kovic described Recker as wearing a jacket, jeans, and a ski mask during his extraction from the Zhi You Towers.
  • Recker is depicted to be on much friendlier terms with Kovic in the novel than in the campaign.


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