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Daniel Edwards
Danny Edwards
Also Known As Danny
Actor Ed Speelers
Appearances Battlefield 1 Icon Battlefield 1
Age 23 (as of 1918)
Affiliation British Army
Weapon Auto Revolver, C96
Status Alive
"Don't worry about me, sir - I'm ready to do my bit for King and country."
— Edwards addressing Townsend at the beginning of Through Mud and Blood.

Daniel "Danny" Edwards is a British character featured in the campaign of Battlefield 1. He the driver of the Mark V nicknamed "Black Bess", and the protagonist of the chapter Through Mud and Blood.


Edwards was formerly employed as a chauffeur before volunteering for the Tank Corps, where he was assigned as the driver of a Mark V Tank during the Second Battle of Cambrai. With no prior experience of operating tanks, or warfare in general, and his first mission in Autumn 1918, near Cambrai, France, is a baptism of fire. As a new recruit, he must also earn the trust of his fellow crewmen, and learn to cooperate with them to overcome the reliability issues and limitations of their vehicle.

In the opening cutscene of the chapter, Edwards is seen arriving at the front for the first time, where he is greeted by his new commanding officer, Townsend, and led to Black Bess. After gazing in curiosity at the outside, he explores the tank interior, and befriends the tank's mechanic, Finch. Pritchard, the Mark V's right-side gunner has a sense of humour, as he jokes with McManus, the Mark V's left-side gunner by implying that he will not like the promise "wine, women and song" upon receiving orders from Townsend to move out. Edwards seats himself at the controls for the first time - the tank stalls with a jolt, much to the disapproval of left-side gunner McManus, who laments Edwards' inexperience. Afterwards, Edwards pilots the tank over the trenches and out of the base camp.

In a chronologically later sequence from the singleplayer trailer, he and Finch work to fix the immobilized vehicle from the outside while surrounded by German soldiers. His friend is caught in a blast while attempting to open an internal compartment, and falls to the ground injured, while Edwards watches in horror.

In the gameplay trailer, Black Bess is again immobilized in a forest, and subsequently attacked at close range by Imperial German infantry. Whilst he and his fellow crewmen are fighting the enemy attempting to breach the outside of the tank, Edwards is disoriented when an enemy pistol is thrust into a port and fired directly next to his ear.

After taking on various missions, from forests to towns to encampments, Edwards finds himself, McManus, and Townsend, under strong artillery fire, which had immobilized the tank "Big Bess". Edwards bravely jumps out of the vehicle to repair the tank, but was knocked down by the force of a anti tank grenade. Wounded, Mcmanus runs to Edwards aid, shooting any German in sight, but McManus would soon be shot down himself by one German soldier, who was then shot by Townsend who remains in the tank. Defending his tank, Townsend begins to shoot any German entering Big Bess, but he would soon realize that the enemy have overwhelmed him, and destroys Big Bess himself, leaving not one German alive, not even himself. Edwards then looked gruelingly at the sight of Townsend's demise, and looks at his hands, which had stains of blood all over them, shocked at what had just occurred. Out of nowhere, he hears a man calling his name "Edwards..." He soon realized that McManus had survived the gunshot wound and quickly helped him up. McManus, who had finally accepted Edwards, asks "So, what do we do now? Driver?" Edwards then takes out his pistol and replies "We walk" Both men walked off toward the town, and survived, for the war had ended nearly 1 month after this catastrophic event.



  • Edwards' appearance has changed over the course of the game's development, as shown in various trailers. However, he does bear a striking resemblance to Recker of Battlefield 4.
  • The character may have been named after a barbecue restaurant located one mile away from the World War I Museum in Kansas City, Missouri, US.

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