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Dead Man's Trigger BFP4F

The Dead Man's Trigger training icon.

Dead Man's Trigger is an equipment expertise training option in Battlefield Play4Free that can be used by all four kits. It allows the player to drop a live hand grenade with a smaller blast radius than normal about 10 seconds after their death.


This training option allows a player to get a kill or two, especially on inattentive players, after their death as they drop a grenade with decreased blast radius and damage.

Dead Man's Trigger has a much lower blast radius of about 2 meters at the lowest rank and takes much more time to explode than Martyrdom from the Call of Duty series does. The only flip-side is that players only have about a second or two from when the grenade icon comes up on a dead body to run away, and anyone with only one point spent in training Grenade Combat Awareness may end up dying from the blast from noticing it too late. Further points spent in training Dead Man's Trigger increase the blast radius by one meter per point, up to a maximum of five meters.

As for players who wish to invest in this option, they should take note that if they spend a good deal of time in vehicles, that if their vehicle's explosion kills them, they will not drop a grenade. This training option does pose useful on urban maps such as Sharqi and Karkand, but it is much less useful on vehicle-centric maps like Oman.


  1. Drops a live grenade with a short fuse after the soldier's death.
  2. Increases the range of the blast by 1 meter.
  3. Increases the range of the blast by 2 meters.
  4. Increases the range of the blast by 3 meters.