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Coastal artillery refers to anti-ship artillery or fixed gun batteries in coastal fortifications. Ranging from the Middle Ages until World War II, coastal artillery was extremely important in naval battles. The advent of 20th-century technologies, especially military aviation, naval aviation, jet aircraft, and guided missiles, reduced the primacy of cannon, battleships, and coastal artillery. In countries where coastal artillery has not been disbanded, these forces have acquired amphibious capabilities. In littoral warfare, mobile coastal artillery armed with surface-to-surface missiles still can be used to deny the use of sea lanes.

It was long held as a rule of thumb that one shore-based gun equaled three naval guns of the same caliber, due to the steadiness of the coastal gun which allowed for significantly higher accuracy than their sea-mounted counterparts. Land-based guns also benefited in most cases from the additional protection of walls or earth mounds.[1]

Battlefield 1942Edit


The Defgun is an emplacement featured in Battlefield 1942 as a neutral anti-ship weapon intended to be used for coastal defense and it can turn to 180 degrees max. It can destroy landing crafts from three to four shots,Destroyers from five to eight shots and several more about battleships and aircraft carriers.However,it is very vulnerable from air attacks or sea attacks because it can't shoot down planes and it can destroyed also from the cannons of battleship or destroyer.


Battlefield 1Edit

Fortress GunEdit

Fortress Gun
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Vehicle passengers 1 gunner
Main weapon ammunition per reload 2 Rounds

The Fortress Gun is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1 on the maps Empire's Edge and Monte Grappa. It is a large artillery weapon found in bunkers on opposite ends of the maps by their respective deployments. On Empire's Edge, the weapon's purpose is to primarily protect the Castello from enemy naval craft, especially the Dreadnought. On Monte Grappa, the two Fortress Guns on the map are located high in the hills where they can shoot down upon the lower valley of the map. The Fortress Gun consists of two barrels which can shoot shells across the map, but at further ranges, gravity's effects pull the shells into a plummet into the ground. Therefore, adjusting the elevation of your shot is critical to the accuracy of your shells.

While the bunker that houses the fortress gun offers a great deal of protection, gunners using the Fortress Gun are at risk of being shot if intruders manage to get into the bunker. The Fortress Gun may also be damaged and destroyed by enemy fire which can be tactically advantageous for those who control the Dreadnought. Fortress Guns that are destroyed in previous attacks on Operations do not repair - instead, the turret itself disappears with an open concrete plate where it should be.



Coastal Gun BatteryEdit

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Tsar 2
The Coastal Gun Battery is a second form of coastal artillery that will be featured in Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar, primarily on the map Albion. The gun is modeled after the Obukhovskii 12"/52 Pattern 1907 costal gun variant.[2]


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