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This article is currently under construction. It may contain little or inaccurate information.
800px-M249 FN MINIMI DA-SC-85-11586 c1

A bipod on a FN Minimi.

Bipods are attachments typically reserved for use on light machine guns or sniper rifles; however, it is possible to equip them on assault rifles and carbines. They allow the user to provide more accurate fire from a stabilized position while prone or from a raised surface.

Prior to Battlefield 3 the bipod was only a visual accessory, offering no benefits to the weapons which it was attached to.

Battlefield 3Edit

BF3 Bipod
Slot Primary
Available on Assault Rifles
Light Machine Guns
Sniper Rifles
Unlocked at 60 Kills (Assault Rifles)

90 Kills (Carbines)

Default (Light Machine Guns)

60 Kills (Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles)
30 Kills (Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles)
Source of statistics Battlelog (Kills)

In Battlefield 3, the Bipod is an attachment for light machine guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, and carbines[1] (excluding the AKS-74u, the G53, the A-91, the QBZ-95B and the MTAR-21). It is featured in both the Singleplayer and Co-Op campaigns and in Multiplayer. Light machine guns are equipped with this attachment by default.


Several weapons found in the Singleplayer campaign have a Bipod attachment;


Several weapons found in the Co-Op campaign have a Bipod attachment;


The bipod is unlockable for many weapons (excluding sidearms, personal defense weapons, shotguns, some carbines, and gadgets) in Multiplayer mode.

The bipod is deployed by aiming near the cover or ground you wish to deploy it on and it will automatically activate. The bipod only deploys on something that is chin high, after a patch. This takes just over a second, but provides an instant boost to the accuracy of the weapon with the bipod, as well as decreasing felt recoil, most significantly with light machine guns.

As a general rule, the heavier the weapon deployed on the bipod is, the higher percentage of recoil reduction and accuracy increase follows. Carbines mounted on bipods for instance, will remain less accurate than other weapon types, as well as not having their recoil reduced by nearly as big a percentage. In addition, high optic zoom scopes will have their scope sway removed. The recoil when using a bipod will still increase when suppressed.

It remains deployed only for as long as the player remains stationary, and limits the radius in which the player can aim the weapon. It is possible, however, to override bipod deployment by simply continuing to move while going into sight mode. The player can also take cover behind some objects by aiming in the opposite direction (placing their body out of sight from certain angles).

There are several glitches associated with the bipod, such as a tendency to deploy in unusual locations when near a wall, making it difficult or impossible to fire accurately. However, since the bipod doesn't provide any passive negatives to a weapon, it may be advantageous to use in conjunction with weapons that doesn't draw large benefits from using the foregrip, in favor of being able to lay down minor amounts of suppressive fire, or for increased long range accuracy.

Battlefield 4Edit

Bipod bf4-0
Slot Underbarrel/Auxiliary
Available on • Assault Rifles
• Light Machine Guns
• Sniper Rifles
• Carbines
• Designated Marksman Rifles
Unlocked at • 80 Kills (Assault Rifles)
• Default (Light Machine Guns)
• 20 Kills (Sniper Rifles)
• 150 Kills (Carbines)
• 150 Kills (Designated Marksman Rifles)
Source of statistics Battlelog (Kills)
The Bipod returns to Battlefield 4 as a usable attachment for most primary weapons. As in Battlefield 3, it provides bonuses to accuracy and recoil when deployed, while limiting mobility and the opportunity to equip a weapon grip.

In certain cases, the bipod may interfere with leaning over low cover. PC players may bind the Aim and Deploy Bipod functions to separate keys if desired.

Notably, if a weapon is equipped with a bipod and fired from the passenger seat of any vehicle, it will have the full advantages to recoil and stability of a deployed bipod, although the bipod is not actually deployed.

Suppression still causes the user's aim to wander when using a bipod, though not to the same degree as when handheld.

Battlefield 1Edit

Available on • Light Machine Guns (Low Weight/Telescopic/Suppressive variants)
• Single-Action Rifles (Sniper variant)
Mondragon Sniper
Ribeyrolles 1918
Hellriegel 1915 Defensive (CTE)
Selbstlader 1906 Sniper (CTE)
AT Rocket Gun
Tankgewehr M1918
Special feature(s) • Improves accuracy and control when deployed.
• Deploys automatically on valid surfaces.
• Deployment is required for firing certain weapons

The Bipod returns in Battlefield 1 as an attachment for several weapons, mostly light machine guns.

Unlike previous appearances, the bipod in Battlefield 1 is automatically deployed whenever the user is near a suitable surface or is prone, more quickly deployed, and has negligible effect on the user's mobility when idle. The user has more ready access to the accuracy and stability bonuses provided by the bipod. Bipods can be used on top of nearby vehicles and crouched players.

The AT Rocket Gun, an Assault gadget, has an integrated bipod — the player must have the bipod deployed in order to shoot the weapon. The Tankgewehr M1918, the main weapon of the Tank Hunter elite class, uses the same mechanics.


  • In the beta of Battlefield 3, the bipod was usable on the AKS-74u; however, upon release, this feature was removed.
  • When using the bipod in conjunction with scoped optics (the 12x Ballistic scope for example), the scoped view will have a larger radius than when not using the bipod.
  • In some instances in both Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, the bipod deploys itself in mid-air automatically when the player is reloading while sprinting but will retract automatically when either the reload or sprinting animation ceases. This doe not occur if the player either reloads while stationary or reloading when walking but not sprinting. It is currently unknown why this happens.
  • In Battlefield 4, players can deploy a bipod on top of another player's held Ballistic Shield.


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