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Disable Communications
Search and Retrieve Intercept the Convoy

Battlefield BC2 ICON Battlefield: Bad Company 2 iOS




Preston Marlowe


US Army seal United States Army


Flag of Bolivia (state) Latin American Militia

Disable Communications is the third mission in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 iOS.


Bravo One Charlie breaks up in two teams with Marlowe paired with Haggard. The two quietly travel up the mountain toward the enemy camp. After arriving at the village, they find that the entrance is heavily guarded. Haggard then places C4 on the blocked entrance while Marlowe covers him. The two then engage with enemy forces inside and promptly dispatch them. Since Haggard had used all of his C4, it is up to Marlowe to use his to destroy the nearby communication towers. Afterwards, Marlowe and Haggard travel towards the final communications tower and are successful in destroying it.

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