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Ranken dart

Ranken darts, whole (right) and mounted in cross-section (left).

The Ranken dart was an explosive munition developed by the British and used during World War I to attack German airships. Gravity-driven, the user had to climb above the target in order to drop them on targets. They were made obsolete by development of incendiary ammunition for machine guns.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

Explosive Darts
Vehicle Type

Fighter plane (Trench Fighter)

Magazine size

48 darts


20 seconds

Customization Slot

Secondary weapon

Explosive Darts are a secondary weapon available to fighter planes utilizing the Trench Fighter Package in Battlefield 1.

They are dropped as a single load at much higher velocity than other air-to-ground weapons. Each dart inflicts 12.5 damage on impact, and up to 20 blast damage within 3 meters. With potential for over 1500 damage, explosive darts are the single largest source of damage available for vehicles.

The payload can be effective on large targets such as bombers and Behemoths, or on massed infantry. The height at which they are dropped determines the spread of the grouping, much like how shotgun pellets spread at range.[2]

The Bomb Sight is used to aim the darts, and activates immediately upon selecting the weapon. Unlike the heavier bombs, darts are more sensitive to the bank of the plane.


  • During the Battlefield 1 Open Beta, the icon for Explosive Darts was of two downward-pointing Hotchkiss machine guns.


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