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For the contemporary aircraft weapon, see Rocket Pods.

Explosive Rockets are weapons that utilize a thrust-generating engine (typically via chemical reaction) to deliver a warhead, and were first utilized in warfare in 13th century China.[1] Gunpowder rockets saw widespread use as assault and artillery weapons following spread of the technology by the Mongols. Further refinements were made by Lagari Hasan Çelebi of the Ottoman Empire (manned flight); Kazimierz Siemienowicz of Poland (an artillery manual); Hyder Ali and son Tipu Sultan, rulers of Mysore, India (iron-cased rockets); and William Congreve of Britain (propellant, motor design).

During World War I, the recent invention of the airplane allowed commanders to defend against airships and balloons that remained out of reach of ground batteries, by means of aerial rocket attacks. The Le Prieur rocket was first used in Verdun in 1916. Further development led to widespread use during World War II and countless conflicts thereafter.

Battlefield 1Edit

Explosive Rockets
Vehicle Type

Fighter Plane (Bomber Killer)
Attack Plane (Airship Buster)

Magazine size

6 (Bomber Killer)
8 (Airship Buster)

Customization Slot

Secondary weapon

In Battlefield 1, Explosive Rockets can be equipped by Fighter and Attack Planes.

The Airship Buster Package for attack planes carries eight rockets, and the Bomber Killer Package for fighter planes carries six rockets at a time. They inflict great damage against vehicles, especially airplanes. Per rocket, 100 damage is dealt on impact, with 34 blast damage within a 2m radius. They are quite inaccurate, however and should be fired up close when engaging enemy aircraft.

The rockets accelerate to 200 m/s after being fired, and have very slight drop over time.


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