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The CS/LR3 is a Chinese bolt-action sniper rifle. It is a variant of the CS/LR4 but chambered to use the lighter 5.8x42mm cartridge.

Battlefield 4Edit

Bf4 fyjs
Unlocked at Complete Recon Expert
Damage 100 - 36.6
Magazine size 10 + 1
Ammunition 5.8x42mm
Maximum ammunition 44 + 11 (SP)

55 + 11 (MP)

Reload time 2.6 seconds loaded
4.8 seconds empty
Rate of fire 54 rpm
Velocity 630m/s
Range Light sniper range
Firemodes Bolt-action
Kit Recon
Source of statistics
Inventory slot Primary Weapon
Unlocks Variable Zoom (14x) (10 kills)
Bipod (20 kills)
JGM-4 (4x) (30 kills)
Canted Ironsights (40 kills)
Straight Pull Bolt (50 kills)
Coyote (RDS) (60 kills)
Laser Sight (70 kills)
Suppressor (80 kills)
Prisma (3.4x) (90 kills)
Flash Light (100 kills)
Muzzle Brake (110 kills)
HD-33 (1x) (120 kills)
Ballistic Scope (40x)(130 kills)
Range Finder (140 kills)

The FY-JS is a weapon featured in Battlefield 4.


The FY-JS is the standard sniper rifle for the PLA and is seen in Singapore and Kunlun Mountains; used by snipers at the end of each mission. It is equipped with the Hunter, Canted Ironsights, Flash Hider and Straight Pull Bolt. It sports a Hexagon Naval finish.


The FY-JS is unlocked upon the completion of the Recon Expert gold tier assignment. The bullets from the FY-JS drop at the same rate of the SRR-61, but also has the third highest muzzle velocity at 630 m/s. Like all bolt-action sniper rifles, it can take out an enemy at close range with one hit, but like the Scout Elite, it takes up to three hits to kill at range.

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