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Fao Fortress
Fao Fortress Map Image

Battlefield 1 Icon Battlefield 1

Part of the

World War I


BF1 United Kingdom Icon British Empire vs. BF1 Ottoman Empire Icon Ottoman Empire


November 6th - 8th 1914


Al-Faw Peninsula, Mesopotamia


Desert Coastline


Operations (Oil of Empires - Map 1)


Yes (The Runner)

Fao Fortress is a map featured in Battlefield 1. Taking place during the British amphibious landings on the Al-Faw peninsula in 1914, it sees the Ottoman Empire defending the hilltop fortress from land and sea attack.



This map features the Dreadnought as its Behemoth. The Dreadnought is potentially able to knock down portions of the fortress walls, but is vulnerable to torpedo bombers and torpedo boats which spawn in for either side.

Control PointsEdit

Control Point Conquest Domination Rush Operations
Turtle Hill A 1B
Sunwada Redoubt B 2B
Marsh Village C 2A
Al Faw Battery D
Outer Courtyard E 3A
Inner Courtyard F 3B
Shatt al Arab Post G
Beach Outpost 1A




British Empire DeploymentEdit

Ottoman Empire DeploymentEdit


Turtle HillEdit

Sunwada RedoubtEdit

Marsh VillageEdit

Al Faw BatteryEdit

Outer CourtyardEdit

Inner CourtyardEdit

Shatt al Arab PostEdit


Fao Fortress is featured as the first map in Oil of Empires in Operations. The attackers are the British Empire making a beach landing, while the defenders are the Ottoman Empire trying to prevent the attackers from reaching the fortress.

Sector 1Edit

British forces commence their attack by landing at the beach west of the fortress.

Sector 2Edit

Ottoman forces retreat east as the British make their way through a village surrounded by marshland.

Sector 3Edit

British forces advance to the fortress itself with the objective of capturing both the outer and inner courtyard, which would result in them taking over the beach and securing a landing point for more reinforcements before heading to the Suez Canal.



Domination takes place in Fao Fortress proper.

A: Fao GateEdit

B: Fao GalleriesEdit

C: Fao BastionEdit



  • While taking place in completely different conflicts, Fort Nöbet seen in The Runner has many similarities with Fao Fortress.


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