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"The war reaches its epic conclusion in Final Stand."

— Battlefield 4 Premium: Release calender

Battlefield 4: Final Stand is the fifth expansion pack for Battlefield 4. The expansion focuses on the conclusion of the War of 2020 with the formation of the Pan-Asian Coalition, and the creation of advanced futuristic technologies later featured in Battlefield 2142. All four maps are set in Russia, with most set in Siberia and in the northwestern part of Russia.


The United States has recieved intel from the Chinese mainland that Russia has been secretly developing new technology far in the north for the next stage of warfare and has sent in the USMC to put a stop to it.










  • Along with Naval Strike and Dragon's Teeth, the expansion was originally discovered through an unfinished domain on the official Battlefield website the day before it was officially announced.
  • The expansion was initially slated to release in Summer 2014, but had been delayed to Winter 2014.
  • As the expansion's name implies, it was originally supposed to be the final expansion for Battlefield 4. Following the delay of Battlefield Hardline, however, it was announced that a new expansion would be released in the future.[3]
  • The expansion was made free from May 17, 2016 to May 24 as a part of the "Road to Battlefield" marketing campaign for Battlefield 1. This was done again in September 2016 along with all other expansions.[4]


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