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The Flamethrower Kit is a kit featured in the Battlefield series

Battlefield VietnamEdit

For their intended weapons, see M2-2 Flamethrower and Type 100 Flame Thrower
Primary weapon Type 100 Flame Thrower (IJN)
M2-2 Flamethrower (USMC)
Secondary weapon Walther P38 (IJN)
Colt (USMC)
Gadgets Binoculars
Equipment one Hand grenade ×4
Equipment two Knife

The Flamethrower kit is featured in the official World War II Mod for Battlefield Vietnam. Unlike other kits, it can only be taken from its designated spawnpoint, and exists solely to allow the player character's third person model to change to include the flamethrower tank.


Battlefield 1Edit

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Flame Trooper
Klein Flamethrower
Primary weapon Wechselapparat
Secondary weapon M1911 Silenced
Gadgets Permanent Gas Mask
Equipment one Incendiary Grenade
Equipment two Melee weapon

The Flame Trooper is an Elite Class set to be featured in Battlefield 1[1].

The kit is obtained via a wooden crate found in fixed locations on certain maps, similarly to Battle Pickups of Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline.

The kit is focused on attacking enemy infantry and fortified positions through use of one of the most terrifying weapons of the conflict - the Wechselapparat infantry-portable flamethrower. The user themselves is equipped with a fire-retardant suit and a permanently equipped gas mask, which protects them from incendiary and chemical threats but offers little defense against projectiles in addition to limiting the wearer's mobility and vision.

The primary weapon, while deadly at close range, leaves the operator vulnerable to from attack from afar. It is also capable of killing the user if they press too close to a wall or fire at their feet. Players are also vulnerable to takedown from behind and other situations that would normally cause death, such as roadkills and falls.



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