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A flame tank is an armored vehicle armed with a flamethrower.

The use of flamethrowers on tanks during World War I is questionable. One source states that the A7V was originally designed to carry mounted flamethrowers, but were instead relegated to use by dismounted crew.[1] Another states that flamethrowers were eventually used on tanks by the war's end.[2]

By World War II, various flame tank designs and modifications were used by both sides.[3] Still, there was a wide variance of reporting in regards to performance. Some were rebuilt as conventional assault guns or tank destroyers, while others were feared by those attempting to hold defensive positions.

Battlefield 1Edit

Heavy Flamethrower A7V
Vehicle passengers • 1 driver
• 4 gunners
(5 total)
Vehicle armor Heavy
Main weapon 57mm Maxim-Nordenfelt cannon
(HE or Canister shells)
(Seat 1)
Passenger weapon 8mm MG 08 machine gun
(Seat 2, 3)
Second passenger weapon Heavy Flamethrower
(Seat 4, 5)
Countermeasures • Gas Emitter
• Track Repair
Vehicle speed Low
Vehicle maneuverability Low

The Flamethrower Package is a Vehicle Package available in Battlefield 1 for the A7V. It features five available seats: one for the driver and four seats for gunners.

The driver has access to a 57mm Cannon firing HE or case ammunition. The front gunner seats have access to MG 08 heavy machine guns, while the rear have access to flamethrowers.

The Emergency Repair and Gas Emitter specializations are available for use by the driver. An urban loadout, ideal for flushing out entrenched forces. These make the package ideal for antipersonnel combat in close quarters situations such as when fighting in streets and alleys, incinerating soldiers hiding in buildings and alcoves while the driver have some leverage against enemy vehicles with the cannon.


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