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WW1 Flare Gun IRL.jpg
A British 1" caliber Very pistol used during WWI
Modern Flare Gun.jpg
A modern 12 Gauge Flare gun

A Flare Gun is a pistol-like device that shoots an incendiary flare. Its main purpose is for signaling, as the lit flare is visible for miles, and can be supplemented with a drag chute that causes the flare to linger in the air longer.

Flares can also be used at night, providing quick illumination of a wide area. The strong flame can also be used to ignite flammable materials from a distance, though the short barrel of the gun typically limits such use. The most common type of flare gun during World War I and World War II were Very Lights which have a single action trigger mechanism, hammer action, center fire pin. Modern variations function in a similar manner and are frequently made out of brightly colored, durable plastic.

Battlefield VietnamEdit

Boxcutter Cut content
The subject of this article, Flare Gun, has been cut from the final version of a Battlefield game.


The flaregun in-game, acquired via modding.

The Flare Gun is a cut gadget that was set to appear in Battlefield Vietnam. It still exists in the game files, and much like Battlefield 2's LP7, the weapon has working models, animations, icons, and sounds. When fired, its projectiles will pass directly through any character. When fired at vehicles, the flares will start a small fire which lingers suspended wherever the flare landed.

In an interview with developers from DICE, it was revealed that that projectiles from the Flare gun stuck to players similar to the Tracer Dart Gun and that the reason it was ultimately cut was that it created severe network issues which caused developers to eventually opt to work on the core weapons of the game instead.[1]

Battlefield 1Edit

The Flare Gun is a gadget featured in Battlefield 1 for the Scout and Pilot classes. Certain air vehicles may also equip Spotting Flares as a specialization.

The flare's plume and intense glow can easily be seen from the air or at a distance, potentially allowing secondary use as a signalling device. The flare will stay on the ground for a significant amount of time though it can be destroyed through enemy fire. Flares can inflict minor fire damage through direct hits on infantry and vehicle passengers, or when stepped on.

Two types of ammunition are available, but these are counted as separate gadgets, and both cannot be equipped at the same time by the same player.


This item has a Codex entry: Nowhere to Hide
"This flare gun shoots projectiles which reveal enemies in their vicinity"
— In-Game Description

The Spotting Flare functions in a similar manner to the motion sensor from Battlefield 4 by spotting enemies and deployed gadgets within range of the fired flare. A red flare is used, emitting yellow smoke as it burns.

A minimap area indicates where a lit flare has landed, providing additional information for the user.


"This flare gun shoots brightly burning projectiles, blinding players looking at them from nearby."
— In-Game Description

The Flash Flare emits brilliant white light, making it difficult for the enemy to see. Like the Smoke Grenade, it also breaks spotting.



Flare Gun P4F


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