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USS Fletcher 1942

USS Fletcher (DD-445) in real life

The Fletcher-class destroyer was a United States Military class of destroyers designed in 1939, and operated during World War II by the United States Navy. It had five 127mm cannons, six to ten 40mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns, seven to ten 20mm cannons, ten torpedoes and depth charges. Of the 175 constructed during the war, 19 were sunk and six were never repaired.

Battlefield 1942Edit

Vehicle passengers two
Special features Can spot submarines submerged and aircraft
Main weapon 2x 100mm guns
Main weapon damage high
Main weapon reload time 5-7 seconds
Main weapon rate of fire Low
Main weapon firemode single shot
Main weapon ammunition per reload unlimited
Secondary weapon Depth
Secondary weapon reload time 1 second per barrel (6-9 seconds for full reload)
Secondary weapon firemode single shot
Tertiary weapon unlimited
Tetiary weapon reload time 5-7 seconds
Passenger weapon 4x 100 mm guns
Passenger weapon damage high
Passenger weapon reload time same as pilot weaponry
Passenger weapon rate of fire 2x the fire rate of 1st gun

The Fletcher is the USMC/US Army/British Army destroyer featured in Battlefield 1942. It has four positions: one captain, who pilots the ship, controls the two frontal guns and can drop the depth charges, one auxiliary gunner, who controls the rear guns, and two machine gunners, both controlling an M2 Browning Machine gun mounted on two separate platforms at the center of the ship. It also has two LCVPs hanging from its rear.


The Fletcher is a supporting ship for amphibious assaults. Its small compared to the other ships excluding submarines. The two main job of the Fletcher is simple: Support amphibious assaults with its gun and hunt down submarines. Its special among vehicles due to the fact it can support Radar/Sonar capabilities. It also has a few MG emplacements for AA purposes. Its best to avoid the Battleship or stay close to a friendly ship due to being severely outgunned

The Fletcher has two positions. The Captain and the auxiliary gunner.

The Captain of the ship has to his helm: One turret that fires two projectiles. Making its splash damage quite effective, this can be used against ground targets on the beach or other ships, it can turn 180 degrees max. The second weapon is the Depth charges, the total amount is ten each after dropped replenish in one second, however after all of them are depleted it takes five-eight seconds to reload. 

The auxiliary gunner position has two turrets similar to the drivers turrets. However its spaced out more which can lead to more damage in a wider area. Quite useful in case you pass a ship in close combat.



  • The Hull Number (DD-445) corresponds to the USS Fletcher. Which was the lead Fletcher-class destroyer and served in the Pacific during World War II.
  • In the intro of Battlefield 1942, two fletchers with different hull numbers can be seen, one is the USS Fletcher (DD-445) and the other the USS Bradford (DD-545) can be seen together.

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